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Life as an OSU Student

What is daily life like for OSU students? 

All students begin their journey in the OSU community when they apply to the university. Many students choose to do campus tours or attend a visit program.

Next, students will attend OSU's orientation, advising, and registration program START.

In order to support your student's transition to OSU, New Student Programs & Family Outreach offers a three step process called The Beaver Nation Migration. The Beaver Nation Migration includes: START, CONNECT, and a first-year student seminar: U-ENGAGE.

Visit the links below to learn more about START, CONNECT, and U-ENGAGE.

Each student's experience at OSU will vary. However many students share common emotions and experiences throughout the first year. Check out our what to expect in the first year page for a month-by-month description of some of the things your student might experience.

After START and CONNECT students will begin classes and officially be apart of OSU's community of scholars. Please visit the links below to find out more about the types of involvment opportunities and support resources that are available to OSU students.