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About OSU

Oregon State University has always been a place with a purpose – that of making a measurable difference in the quality of life for communities and the natural world we steward. This purpose is what draws our gifted students, motivates our faculty and staff, drives our research and teaching and carries our alumni through their accomplished careers. Today this means bringing cutting-edge technological innovation and a broad interdisciplinary framework to developing and implementing solutions for real-world problems.

 True to our Oregon heritage, ours is a democratic and expansive commitment. At OSU, we are committed to solving the problems that are most critical to all Oregonians and we are working in every corner of our state.  Our commitment and contributions impact our nation and the world. And true to our Oregon heritage, we are dedicated to preserving the healthy balance between human communities and the earth we depend on.

Current Student Body

Total students: 26,393
States represented: 50
Foreign countries: 97
Men: 13,936
Women: 12.457,
Oregon residents: 17,487
Undergraduates: 21,812
Graduate students: 3,993
Students of color: 5,224
International students: 2,370
New freshman HS GPA: 3.56

Colleges and Schools 

Agricultural Sciences
Graduate School
Public Health & Human Sciences
Honors College
Liberal Arts
Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences
Veterinary Medicine

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