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Monday, Aug. 24, 2009

Today in the News Media

Today in the News Media is a synopsis of some of the most prominent coverage of OSU people and programs. Inclusion of any item constitutes neither an endorsement nor a critique, but rather is intended only to make the OSU community aware of significant items in the media.

Science club investigates alternative energies (Oregonian)
The Hydrogen Club at Oregon State University is on a mission to develop new technologies to tap the sunshine. Inspired by processes that already occur in nature, they’ve found several surprising biological and chemical ways to make hydrogen fuel. (See also NewsDay and R&D Magazine)

Hungry for answers (Democrat Herald)
Students at Oregon State University are looking for a better way to battle hunger.

Gay Men in Relationships Needed for Study on HIV Infection (Just Out)
Jason Mitchell, a Ph.D. student in public health at Oregon State University, wants to find out the hows and whys of increasing infection rates among gay couples, and how researchers can better structure health programs aimed at couples instead of just individuals.

Wind farms and polluted skies: the great paradox of China

A recent study published in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, conducted jointly by Peking University and Oregon State University, found that Beijing’s $20 million investment to scrub the skies for the Olympics in fact had little impact on air quality.

State braces for hellish fire season (San Francisco Chronicle)
A recent Oregon State University study predicted huge fires in Northern California and in the Sierra Nevada over the next six months as a result of the hot, dry conditions. The evolving El Niño weather pattern, the researchers said, could produce even more lightning.

Watershed study to help guide Oregon forest policy (KGW)
“If you’re going to study cumulative impacts, you have to study at the size of a watershed,” said Arne Skaugset, an Oregon State University forest hydrologist and science lead on the Hinkle Creek study.

Spirit race boosts esteem (Gazette-Times)
Oregon State University student Meghan Leineweber’s jogging outfit for Saturday morning included an unusual element — a pink Hello Kitty shower cap.

Splintering the difference between types of wood used for fire (News Review)

Forestry extension expert Steve Bowers talks about firewood.

OSU ranked in top 40 Cool School Rankings by Sierra Club (Sierra Club)

OSU gets good scores.

Ice Ages Linked To Slight Shifts In Solar Radiation (Space Daily)
In a publication to be released Friday in the journal Science, researchers from Oregon State University and other institutions conclude that the known wobbles in Earth’s rotation caused global ice levels to reach their peak about 26,000 years ago, stabilize for 7,000 years and then begin melting 19,000 years ago, eventually bringing to an end the last ice age.

Filmmakers salute Prescott’s wildfire success (Daily Courier)
The Prescott area will highlight a new DVD about real-life examples of how communities work together to reduce wildfire danger. Oregon State University researchers chose five U.S. communities to highlight in the video, and wrapped up filming Thursday in Prescott.

Upcoming Events

The office of Community and Diversity will be hosting the next in a series of Inclusive Corvallis forums on Aug. 31 from noon – 1:30 p.m. at the Corvallis Benton County Public Library main conference room.  To date, nearly 50 community members, many of them OSU staff, faculty and students have gathered to work together on a plan to make Corvallis a more welcoming and inclusive community. Please extend this invitation to your friends and colleagues. This forum in open to all people. You can see the meeting notes and other details here . Please RSVP to Corrine Gerig at (541)737-4381 or corrine.gerig@oregonstate.edu

The 2009 Bike Commute Challenge is right around the corner! From Sept. 1 through Sept. 30, you can ride your bicycle to work and reap some sweet rewards! More than 10,000 riders from 1,000 workplaces across the region are taking the Challenge! What’s in it for you as a biker? Everyone who rides at least seven days during the month is eligible to receive 10 percent discounts on bike gear and parts from participating bike dealers, four of them in Corvallis. Find out how it works at http://www.bikecommutechallenge.com – and read about discounts, tips for bikers, and more. To register for the Challenge, go to http://www.bikecommutechallenge.com, press “Sign up now,” select Oregon State University as your team, and enter your information. The Captain for OSU is Rainier Farmer, 541-737-7080, rainier.farmer@oregonstate.edu.

Join President Ray, Provost Randhawa, VP Cassady, and the Research Office Team for the 2009 OSU Research Orientation, Nov. 13 in LaSells Stewart Center, 7:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. This program will introduce new faculty to the Research Enterprise at OSU. In addition to an overview of the many services offered by the Research Office to support faculty success; this year the orientation experience has been re-vitalized by adding first hand information from knowledgeable faculty about how they have made successful use of the OSU system. There will be lively discussion, interaction with specialists, helpful handouts, breakfast, lunch, and an opportunity to network with future collaboration partners. Sign up through the OSU Registration Website http://oregonstate.edu/training/ under course title “Research New Faculty Orientation.”

For more current and upcoming events, go to http://oregonstate.edu/events/

News for Employees

NEW! Keep an eye open as new banners go up around campus today, showcasing our Powered by Orange campaign. To learn more, go to http://poweredbyorange.com/

NEW! Campus Recycling would like to start collecting compost and increase recycling collection at OSU events, but we need your help! We are looking for people interested in volunteering at events to help attendees sort their “waste” into the proper bins. Sign up to receive an email a few times per month and reply when you’re interested in helping: go to our Google Group, OSU Recycling Volunteers , click on Join this group on the right hand menu, and create an account if needed. Or, email Andrea.Norris@oregonstate.edu with questions or requests to be subscribed.

NEW! Grants and Contracts Technician: Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology.  Full time.  To review posting and apply, go to http://oregonstate.edu/jobs posting number 0004614.  Closing date: Sept.7.

OSU leadership invites you to complete an electronic survey to provide input on the goals and direction of the draft OSU Climate plan. The survey can be found at
https://surveys.bus.oregonstate.edu/BsgSurvey2_0/main.aspx?SurveyID=3227&cmd=survey In addition to the survey, comments or questions can be sent to OSU’s
Sustainability Coordinator at brandon.trelstad@oregonstate.edu. Participants are asked to respond by Aug. 31.

The College of Health and Human Sciences announces a position opening for an Academic Advisor. Application available online: http://oregonstate.edu/jobs Position # 0004564. For more detail about the position and requirements/qualifications visit:  http://jobs.oregonstate.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=55401. Position closes on Aug. 25.

Analyst Programmer position opening in the MECOP office (Multiple Engineering Co-op Program).  Electronic application available at http://oregonstate.edu/jobs. Posting #0004369.  The closing date has been extended to Aug. 28.

The College of Health and Human Sciences announces a position opening for an Academic Advisor. Application available online: http://oregonstate.edu/jobs  Position # 0004564. For more detail about the position and requirements/qualifications visit:  http://jobs.oregonstate.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=55401. Deadline to apply is Aug. 25.

Traffic and Maintenance

All buildings: Due to required annual testing of the fire sprinkler and fire stand-pipe systems, Crown Fire Systems will be on-site conducting testing and inspections. During this testing period audible bells on the exterior of the buildings may sound.  This bell indicates that water is flowing and the systems are functioning properly. Please note, if a fire alarm sounds on the interior of the building during this time, this is not part of the testing or inspection and you will need to exit the building immediately. The testing began at 8 a.m. today and should conclude by 5 p.m. Sept. 18.

Linus Pauling Science Center:
Due to construction related to the new LPSC project, extreme noise is to be expected during this process. This work is necessary to drive steel sheet supports for the shoring portion of the project. This work will begin at 8 a.m. on Aug. 25 and should end by 5 p.m. Aug. 28.

Weigand Hall: Due to repairs on the building water system, all domestic and industrial water services to Wiegand Hall will be temporarily shut down.  This will affect all water to the building, in all rooms, on all floors. The shutdown will begin at 7:30 a.m. on Aug. 25 and should end by 9:30 a.m.

Bates Hall: Due to repairs on the building water system, the domestic cold water services to Bates Hall will be temporarily shut down. This will affect all rooms, on all floors. The shutdown will begin at 7:30 a.m. Aug. 26 and should end by 2 p.m.

Bloss Hall: Due to construction associated with the Bloss Hall roof replacement project, 10 parking spaces in the South parking lot along Western Ave., will be temporarily shutdown. This shutdown will continue through Sept. 11.

Transit and Parking Services Administrative Office will be closed to front counter business every Friday for the month of August.  You may still contact us by phone from 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


We hate to have to say it but summer is on its way out, although judging by today’s high of 83, it’s not going away too fast. We say it’s time to celebrate the little accomplishments of summer, like learning to ride a bike in heels. What’s your summer of 2009 point of pride?

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