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Monday, Sept. 18, 2017

Today in the News Media

Today in the News Media is a synopsis of some of the most prominent coverage of OSU people and programs. Inclusion of any item constitutes neither an endorsement nor a critique, but rather is intended only to make the OSU community aware of significant items in the media.

They keep the college moving (Chronicle of Higher Education)

If you work as a mechanic at Oregon State University, one of the clearest signs that a new academic year is nigh is the number of pickup trucks that are brought in to be serviced. After a summer of driving to fieldwork locations that are sometimes off the beaten path, researchers make their way to the motor pool to turn in their vehicles.

“You research the facts, you talk about the history”: OSU considers renaming Gill Coliseum (KVAL)

Leaders at Oregon State University are considering renaming Gill Coliseum after students and faculty raised concerns that its namesake has ties to racism. (see also OPBToronto Star, KATU)

Enrollment extended for students disrupted by recent hurricanes (LIFE@OSU)

Oregon State University leaders have implemented measures to ease enrollment burdens for students whose plans for college have been disrupted by recent hurricanes in Texas, Florida, the East Coast and the Caribbean.

This season, western wildfires are close by and running free (New York Times)

“There’s just a lot of stuff to burn,” said Janean Creighton, an associate professor of forest ecosystems and society at Oregon State University.

Lab founder gives OSU-Cascades $1 million gift for new building (KTVZ)

Oregon State University–Cascades announced Thursday it has received a $1 million gift from Charles McGrath, the founder and president of Grace-Bio Labs of Bend, to help construct the next academic building planned on its new campus. (see also KATUBend BulletinWichita Eagle)

As oceans acidify, shellfish farmers respond (High Country News)

Burke Hales, an oceanographer with Oregon State University, constructed a device, resembling a plastic travel trunk sprouting machinery and colored wires, that hatcheries could install to monitor conditions. Now, when conditions are bad, growers don’t spawn oysters. The co-owner of another hatchery named the contraption, which has since been trademarked, the Burke-o-lator.

OSU, ODOT partner on system for better transit planning (KTVZ)

Public transit planners should soon be rolling toward more informed decision making and better service thanks to a partnership between Oregon State University’s College of Engineering and the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Move-in day takes over Oregon State campus (KVAL)

Oregon State University’s class of 2021 moved into their dorms Sunday, one of the most memorable moments of some young-adult’s lives.

New study links greenhouse gas emissions directly to fossil fuel companies (Energy Collective)

“We can measure the total amount of methane very accurately, but it’s not easy to figure out what all the individual sources (such as natural sources, rice agriculture, livestock, gas and oil drilling, etc) contribute,” said Oregon State University researcher Christo Buizert.

Medicare spending over $1 billion on drug with less efficacy (Gephardt Daily)

Researchers at Oregon State University found an expensive drug is driving up Medicare expenditures without evidence of greater effectiveness. (see also Managed Care, Fierce Pharma)

New study suggests sperm whales travel together, dine alone (Phys Org)

Researchers from Oregon State University’s Marine Mammal Institute and the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur in Mexico tracked a group of sperm whales in the Gulf of California and found that they spent about 30 percent of their time at the surface resting and socializing. But when they would dive for food, they each went their own way – and what a way it was. (see also Global Times)

Warm waters off west coast have lingering effects for salmon (Business Mirror)

Researchers with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries and Oregon State University Cooperative Institute for Marine Resources Studies have been surveying off the Pacific Northwest for 20 years to study juvenile salmon survival. (see also OPBMail Tribune)

How to motivate employees to go beyond their jobs (Harvard Business Review)

A piece co-authored by Anthony C. Klotz,  assistant professor of management at Oregon State University’s College of Business.

New wood products may impact forest management, wildfires (Capital Press)

The research infrastructure is swinging into place. Oregon State University’s colleges of forestry and engineering have teamed with the University of Oregon’s School of Architecture to form the TallWood Design Institute at OSU. It is the nation’s first research center to focus exclusively on advanced structural wood products.

Crayola announces name for new crayon inspired by OSU color discovery (KPTV)

The results are in: Crayola’s newest crayon, which has a hue created from a pigment developed by Oregon State University, now has a name. Crayola announced the new crayon’s name, “Bluetiful,” in a Facebook live Thursday morning.

Data offers insight into costs, stay length, and demographics of care for older Americans (The Lund Report)

The event, which will be held at Portland State University, will feature scientists from PSU, DHS and Oregon State University. Speakers will present a host of information based on new studies on assisted living, residential care, endorsed memory care, adult foster homes and nursing facilities in the state.

Food-bourne pathogens can’t survive in cold brew, says science (Sprudge)

But a study performed by researchers at Oregon State University’s Department of Food and Science Technology says, “Nothing. Nothing is growing in your cold brew.”

Measuring health and satisfaction in Puget Sound (Cascadia Weekly)

“We (in the Pacific Northwest) are pretty much the leaders in trying to understand how happiness and integration with the environment relate to each other,” Kelly Biedenweg, lead author of the study, told the Tacoma News Tribune. Biedenweg is a professor in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University.

OSU prepares to move students in Sunday (Gazette-Times)

By Sunday evening, Corvallis should have about 3,600 more residents than it does now. The influx of residents is expected to arrive throughout Sunday as part of Oregon State University’s annual dorm move-in day. As in recent years, most students are all slated to arrive on a single weekend day, instead of the past approach of staggering arrivals over two weekdays.

Slugs crawling to a field near you (Ag Web)

Rory McDonnell, a renowned slug and snail expert with Oregon State University, says slugs are notoriously difficult to manage: “It’s either metaldehyde, iron phosphate or chelated iron pellets. With the advent of no till and conservation tillage, tillage is out for many producers.”

Oregon grass straw passes the test for livestock (Capital Press)

On a typical summer day, Anita Holman, an Oregon State University faculty research assistant, will have around 1,000 tall fescue or perennial rye grass samples waiting in the laboratory for her and 11 student workers to test. Their goal: to check if there is a toxic level of endophytes in the grass straw.

Noah Stryker’s really big year (Gazette-Times)

On Dec. 31, 2014, Noah Strycker was celebrating New Year’s Eve in style, basking in a cruise ship hot tub with a bottle of champagne in each hand. But as soon as the clock finished tolling midnight, the 28-year-old Oregon State University graduate got down to work.

Mt. St. Helens guru retires (The Columbian)

Frenzen, a Midwest native, said he “escaped” to the Northwest to study ecology at the University of Washington. About the time he began graduate studies at Oregon State University, Mount St. Helens erupted and he was able to study the aftereffects with some of the world’s most prestigious researchers. “This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” he said about analyzing the volcano post-eruption in 1980. “I was just lucky enough to be included.”

Study: Puberty delayed in penned heifers (Capital Press)

Cows kept on pasture tend to reach puberty earlier than heifers kept in pens over winter, according to a study from Oregon State University.

Bend experiencing historic stretch without a freeze (Bend Bulletin)

Amy Jo Detweiler with the OSU Extension Service in Redmond said although an unexpected freeze is the worst thing that can happen to tender plants, cooler but above-freezing nights still stunt their growth.

Milk molecules, doing a body good (Oregon Natural Resources Report)

That’s the question that drove an interdisciplinary research team at Oregon State University to test the milk of several poison-oak fed female goats. So far, the results are inconclusive, says Massimo Bionaz, an animal scientist. “We have not yet found any evidence of immune-related effects in our study, but we are still analyzing our data,” he says.

Are environmentalists to blame for all these fires? (Jefferson Public Radio)

The reasoning goes like this: reductions in timber harvest on federal land have led to forests that are dangerously over-stocked. If loggers had been allowed to cut more trees, we wouldn’t be having all these fires. Nicole Strong, a forester with the Oregon State University Extension Service,  says the reality is more complex than that.

When the Big One hits: Are you ready? (Mail Tribune)

“There’s a bomb with a fuse on it, but we don’t know how long the fuse is,” said Chris Goldfinger, a leading seismology and subduction zone expert at Oregon State University.

OSU celebrates its sesquicentennial (Corvallis Advocate)

Oregon State University has been a land grant institution for 150 years and is marking the occasion with a year of celebrations. The first major event was this summer’s Space Grant Festival around the solar eclipse. Future events include festivals celebrating OSU’s status as a Land, Sea, and Sun Grant Institute, as well as OSU’s Homecoming on October 13 and 14.

Fall into gardening with OSU Master Gardeners (Lake Oswego Review)

Olson perfected his system over the past ten years while living and gardening in a small city lot in Salem. An active OSU Master Gardener, Olson is part of the team that won a first place international competition for their research into the performance of grafted vegetables at the 2017 International Master Gardener Conference.


University Day: University Day takes place Monday, Sept. 18. Harry Boyte, a noted expert on civic engagement and democracy, will give the keynote at 10:30 a.m. in The LaSells Stewart Center and will follow a 9:30 welcome reception for all university employees. Following this keynote presentation, a noon complimentary lunch takes place on 26th Street outside the LaSells Stewart Center followed by the University Day Expo in the CH2M Hill Alumni Center. For more information: University Day 2017 website.

Union vote: Classified Staff Lunch & Vote On Your Contract. Monday, Sept. 18, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., Memorial Union, Room 213. More information? Contact organizer Siobhan Burke 630-699-0281

Constitution Day – The Presidency and the Constitution – What powers does the Constitution invest in the president? According to the Constitution, what is the role of the president? How has the relationship between the presidency and the Constitution changed over time and where might it be headed today? Panelists will present on thematic approaches including the courts, elections, commander-in-chief powers, and political activism, followed by a discussion with the audience of this critically important topic. Monday, Sept.18, 4 p.m. MU, Journey 104. FMI.

WOW Fest: Mon. Sept. 18 from 7 p.m -11 p.m. students will play mini golf while learning about alcohol, drug & sexual violence prevention.  We are seeking volunteers and prizes to give away. Help us bring the WOW!  Sign up to volunteer or get more event info. Other questions, email wowfest@oregonstate.edu.

Upcoming Events

NEW! Union vote: Classified Staff Vote On Your Contract. Tuesday, Sept. 19, 9-10 a.m., 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. McNary. More information? Contact organizer Siobhan Burke 630-699-0281

NEW! OSUsed Store Back to School Sale: Come by our public sale Tuesday 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at 644 SW 13th Street! In celebration of school starting, we will offer special merchandise such as extra bicycles and student desks and 50% off bed riser sets. Personal purchases must be made during public sales, but departments may shop on most weekdays; learn more on our website.

NEW! Union vote:  Classified Staff Lunch & Vote On Your Contract, Wednesday, Sept. 20, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., Market Place West (NW Conference Room). More information? Contact organizer Siobhan Burke 630-699-0281

NEW! Art exhibit, Emotions & Sensations: Dolors Escala began studying texiles at the Ramón Folch School in Barcelona and developed an interest in art and the art of engraving.  Later, while studying in Catalunya, she started working in abstraction, the language of shapes, form, color and line, and began to experiment with different engraving techniques.   Today, using handmade paper and special inks, she decides if a piece will be unique or a numbered series. Sept. 18-Nov. 9, The Little Gallery, 210 Kidder Hall. Opening reception Sept. 21, 3- 5 p.m.

NEW! Play auditions: Auditions for Oregon State University Theatre’s fall production, “Inherit the Wind,” will be held at 6 p.m. Sept. 24 and Sept. 25 in the Withycombe Hall main stage theatre, 2901 S.W. Campus Way, Corvallis. Auditions are open to all OSU students, staff, faculty and community members of all ages. The cast features six principal roles and a large ensemble that will portray multiple characters, for a total of 29 roles available. Those auditioning should be prepared for cold readings from the script, which will be available Sept. 20. Callbacks will be held Sept. 26 if needed. Rehearsals will be held from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday. Technical/dress rehearsals will be held from Nov. 4 through Nov. 8. Performances will be at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 9, 11, 16 and 17 and at 2 p.m. Nov. 12 and 19.

Book reading: Susan Jackson Rodgers, a fiction writer and associate professor of creative writing at Oregon State University, will read from her work at 7:30 p.m., Friday, Sept. 22, in the Lab Theatre in Withycombe Hall. A question-and-answer session and book signing will follow. Rodgers’ new novel, “This Must Be the Place,” is the coming-of-age story of a young woman on a cross-country road trip in 1983.

Invitation to OSU Fulbright Committee: OSU Faculty and Staff are invited to participate in the OSU campus review committee for the U.S. Student Fulbright program. The application for each OSU candidate is reviewed and the candidate interviewed before proceeding for the national competition. Your participation is welcome if one or more of the following applies to you: You are interested in Fulbright’s mission to further mutual understanding between the US and other countries through academic exchange, you have international experience and/or regional world expertise, you have a few free hours between Sept. 11-29: most committee members interview just 1-3 candidates. To participate, please complete this brief survey. For more information, please contact the OSU Advisor for Prestigious Scholarships: leann.adam@oregonstate.edu

Gardening Fall Festival: The Lane County Master Gardener Association invites you celebrate the fall season at its annual Fall Festival on Saturday, Sept. 23, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., River Road Park and Recreation Center, 1400 Lake Drive, Eugene. Learn research-based gardening and food preservation techniques, meet community organizations, and shop local vendors. Enjoy free workshops, tomato and heirloom apple tastings, free cider pressed on-site, a vegetable-judging activity, and kids’ activities. There will also be a bake sale, book sale, plant sale, seed swap, and store featuring items made by local Master Gardeners. For more information, call 541-344-5859, email lanemg@oregonstate.edu, or go to extension.oregonstate.edu/lane/gardens.

Lectures, Workshops, Webinars 

NEW! Tuesday Teaching Talks: Join colleagues and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) in a certificated series of teaching workshops. Attend one, some, or all. On Sept. 19, join SJEI director Jane Waite to explore what authentically equitable teaching and learning environments look like, and importantly, how we create and sustain them. This 90-minute workshop will be facilitated twice in Milam 215 at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. No need to register – just come on by! Learn more here. Contact us here.

NEW! Lauren Bomeisl – Water Resources Engineering MS Defense, Water Resources Graduate Program: “Identifying Nutrient Transport Conditions in the Ecuadorian Andes,” Tuesday, Sept. 19, 1 p.m. in Gilmore 234. Bomeisl is advised by Desiree Tullos of Biological & Ecological Engineering.

NEW! Bend Science Pub: Sue Queisser, an Oregon State University food scientist, baker and engineer, will present “Lift: The Science and Surprising History of Leavening Agents,” on Sept. 19 at the OSU-Cascades Science Pub, McMenamins Old St. Francis School, Bend – Father Luke’s Room. Science Pubs take place from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  Networking and food and beverage service begin at 5:30 p.m., and the presentation begins at 6:30 p.m. Science Pubs are free to community members, but reservations are required.  Space is limited to 100 guests.  Register by 5 p.m. the day prior to each Science Pub at  http://www.osucascades.edu/sciencepubs

NEW! Workshop for NSF GRFP Applicants – The Graduate School is offering an intensive workshop to help OSU students prepare competitive applications for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) award. The workshop will be conducted in two sessions. Session 1 will be Tuesday, Sept. 26 from 5:30-7 p.m. and Session 2 will be Thursday, Sept. 28 from 5:30-7 p.m.  Both sessions will be held in LPSC 125.  Space is limited to please register here: Registration. If you have any questions please contact the Graduate School at Graduate.inquire@oregonstate.edu

NEW! Cuban public health and politics: Join the OSU Alumni Association for an interactive discussion on Cuban public health and politics with F. Javier Nieto, Dean, College of Public Health and Human Services and David Bernell, Associate Professor and Director of Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies, Thursday, Sept. 28, 4-5 p.m. at Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez center.  Free and open to the public. Registration is encouraged to assist us in planning.

NEW! Social Justice Education Initiative for Fall Term: The SJEI is a professional development program for all OSU faculty, staff, and graduate students aimed at building knowledge about equity and inclusion, and developing intercultural competencies. In addition to the platform curriculum, comprised of Session One and Session Two, there are new shorter workshops that explore specific topics with more depth. SJEI is also available to hold in-house workshops for individual units, including customized training to meet your unit’s needs. Now is a great time to build your equity and inclusion skills! Space is limited, register today! http://oregonstate.edu/training/course_list.php?cat_id=46 For more information: jane.waite@oregonstate.edu, 541-737-0866.

NEW! Community Conversations Workshop – “Land use” has a direct impact on how you experience the place you call “home” – including the type of housing, businesses, and amenities near where you live, work, and play. The City of Corvallis is launching a series of community workshops in September to gather input on land use needs, challenges, and opportunities. We hope OSU faculty and staff will share their opinions by joining an upcoming community conversation or participating in an online survey. Please visit the website for more information –http://www.corvallisoregon.gov/index.aspx?page=2078

Search advocate training: Fall Search Advocate workshops begin Sept. 20.  If you’re interested in becoming a search advocate (to serve as an external representative supporting equity, validity, and diversity for faculty and staff search committees), you can register at http://oregonstate.edu/training/course_list.php?cat_id=45. Workshops are also scheduled for Hermiston, Beaverton, and Burns, and other statewide sessions will be added soon.

Financial Strategies for Women.  Designed for women (and people who care about women) who want to take control of their finances: Sept. 21, noon , MU 206  Presented by Barbara Koontz, Financial Advisor, CFS*.  RSVP to Investmentseminars@mapscu.com

Doug McAdam Lecture on Trump’s Rise: Stanford Sociologist Doug McAdam will give a lecture on “Putting Trump in Historical Perspective” based on his 2014 book, Deeply Divided: Racial Politics and Social Movements in Postwar America, in MU 213 on Wednesday, Sept. 27, at 4 p.m. Light refreshments will be served. Sponsored by the School of Public Policy.  

OSU alumni talk: Oregon State welcomes guest speakers Ivan Williams ’80 (B.S. Chemical Engineering) and Erika Williams ‘78 (B.S. Resource Recreation Management). The road from your undergraduate studies to your career may not be straight and narrow. By applying the skills and knowledge gained at Oregon State and building upon life experiences, a major can be a steppingstone to a lifelong journey that will exceed your wildest expectations. Follow the story of two alumni, from the colleges of Engineering and Forestry, who went from buying movie tickets to making feature length films, television shows and musicals. Wednesday, Sept. 27, 4-5 p.m., LINC 268. Free. Pizza provided.

Employee workshops: Registration is open for the Center for Learning & Organizational Development employee workshops. Workshops include the Manager’s Legal Toolkit, Core Curriculum for Supervisors and Managers, Cultural Competency, Stretch Goals, A Coaching Process for Developing Talent, Time Awareness, Work Balance and Integration, and Managing People through Change. We present these workshops to all employees at no cost. Details and registration

Manager’s Legal Toolkit: Tools and Processes for Managers of Professional Faculty presented by the Offices of Academic Affairs, Enterprise Risk Services, General Counsel, University Compliance, Audit Services, Equal Opportunity and Access, and University Ombuds is scheduled for Sept. 20, 8 a.m.-4:15 p.m. on the OSU Campus. Visit the Manager’s Legal Toolkit website for details and registration. Free.

Fitness Classes – Registration is now open for Rec Sports fitness classes.  Choose between DAM Fit and FitPass formats.  DAM Fit classes start Oct. 2; FitPass classes start Sept. 20.  Register on-line or at the Recreation Services Desk, in Dixon Recreation Center, M-F, 8 a.m.- 6 p.m.

Birding Without Borders: An Epic Worldwide Big Year: In 2016, Oregon native and OSU graduate Noah Strycker became the first person to see more than half of the planet’s bird species in a single, year-long, worldwide birding adventure. Sept. 20, 7 p.m., The LaSells Stewart Center. There will be a free reception following the presentation where attendees can meet Strycker.

Understand and Leverage the Financial Landscape of Contracts with Cost & Price Analysis of Business Contracts: Learn how to enhance the profitability of your business through prudent contracting. Learn more.

Ensure a Culture of Success with NEW! Online HR Certificate: Create agile practices around recruiting talented employees, helping them grow and retaining them within your organization. Learn more.

Grow Your Best Garden Ever with OSU’s Newly Updated Master Gardener Online: Become a certified MG™ OR earn a Home Horticulture Certificate with OSU’s one-of-a-kind program. Register now before class fills.

Accelerate Your Inbound Marketing by Mastering the Latest in Content Marketing:  Learn how to optimize your content for search, social and mobile, and then how to promote your great content so it gets found and shared! Learn more.

Enhance Your Leadership in Three Days with Oregon Authentic Leadership Retreat in Bend: Immerse yourself in an OSU-exclusive experience designed to boost your leadership skills, accelerate your self-awareness and increase your team’s overall productivity and satisfaction. Secure your seat.

Craft Beer Lovers and Pros – Learn Beer Styles w/OSU Experts on Sep. 16 & 17: Join industry pros and OSU fermentation scientists for an amazing overview of beer flavors and styles before heading over to Septembeerfest. Learn more.

Take Note 

NEW! Puerto Rico Agriculture Donations:  The College of Agricultural Sciences is seeking donations for Puerto Rico. Forty percent of PR agriculture has been lost due to hurricane Irma. Our Ag partner K-12 schools and our University colleagues are in need of agriculture curriculum, and classroom supplies to help rebuild their ag classrooms and school gardens. Items requested include: seeds, gloves, garden supplies, books, classroom supplies including markers, scissors, ag curriculum. Donations are accepted in Strand Agricultural Hall-STAG 147 until Oct. 2 when students will be assisting with boxing and shipping.

NEW! Second Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: In 1992, more than 1,500 scientists co-signed a “Scientists’ Warning to Humanity” published by the Union of Concerned Scientists, calling attention to the threat to humanity posed by environmental destruction. Scientists at OSU have the opportunity to join more than 11,000 colleagues from 135 countries who have co-signed a second warning, written by OSU Distinguished Professor Bill Ripple and seven co-authors and due to be published soon in the journal BioScience. The accepted article and a link to a signature form is at http://scientistswarning.forestry.oregonstate.edu .

NEW! Apply now for Ecampus professional development funds: Oregon State Ecampus invites faculty, staff and administrators to pursue professional development related to online and hybrid education. Further your professional goals while promoting effective teaching and learning in OSU’s online and hybrid courses. Funding is available for professorial faculty and professional faculty and advisors. The application deadline is Oct. 9. Learn more and apply online today.

NEW! New Website for OSU Policy and Standards:  The University Policy and Standards Program is announcing the launch of its new website: http://policy.oregonstate.edu/  The site includes information about the current efforts of the university policy program as well as a new, searchable University Policy and Standards Manual.

NEW! Mid-Monthly Emergency Preparedness Topic – Pets in Disaster Whether you decide to stay in place in an emergency or evacuate to a safer location, you will need to make plans in advance for your pets. Keep in mind that what is best for you is also typically best for your pets.  Download this month’s Preparedness Topic at http://emergency.oregonstate.edu/files/EP-Bulletin/09-15%20Pets%20in%20Disasters.pdf

OSU Employees attending other institutions: Staff Fee Privilege (Tuition Discount): Deadline is Wednesday, Sept. 20, to submit the application for employees attending other former OUS Universities during Fall 2017. Applications are to be submitted to your HR business center. For additional information, please visit: hr.oregonstate.edu/benefits/staff-fee-privileges-tuition-reduction

Mike Lerner named new head of Chemistry Department: The College of Science welcomes Michael Lerner as the head of the Department of Chemistry effective immediately. Lerner is a professor in chemistry and has taught inorganic and general chemistry courses for more than 25 years at OSU. He has also served as the longtime director of online education and head graduate advisor in the department.

Term-Long Laptops at the Valley Library: The Valley Library has 12 Dell laptops available for long-term borrowing. These laptops are term-long substitutes for students without computers. For more information or to fill out the application, go to bit.ly/valley-laptops. Applications are due Friday, September 29th. For further questions, email valley.circ@oregonstate.edu.

OSU Standard Updated:  Oregon State University will take written comments on its proposed update to OSU Standard 576-005 Time, Place, and Manner Rules for Speech Activities, through the end of business on Oct. 2, 2017.  The purpose of the comment period is to receive public feedback regarding updating and replacing the existing university standard. The proposed amendments tailor portions of this university standard to the Cascades campus and clarify existing university policies governing the placement and use of signs, posters, banners, and chalking on campus.  The proposed university standard is available for review upon request as an electronic pdf document.  Comments or requests should be directed to Susan Barba at susan.barba@oregonstate.edu.

Second Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: In 1992, more than 1,500 scientists co-signed a “Scientists’ Warning to Humanity” published by the Union of Concerned Scientists, calling attention to the threat to humanity posed by environmental destruction. Scientists at OSU have the opportunity to join more than 11,000 colleagues from 135 countries who have co-signed a second warning, written by OSU Distinguished Professor Bill Ripple and seven co-authors and due to be published soon in the journal BioScience. The accepted article and a link to a signature form is at http://scientistswarning.forestry.oregonstate.edu .

Monthly Emergency Preparedness Topic – Response Mnemonics A mnemonic is a device, such as a formula or rhyme, used as an aid in remembering. It is a word or string which is intended to be easier to remember than the thing it stands for.  Download this month’s Preparedness Topic at http://emergency.oregonstate.edu/files/EP-Bulletin/09-01%20Mnemonics.pdf.

New OSU Campus Map Released: The new campus map is modern and mobile-friendly, so give it a try! Since it is a work in progress, let us know what we can do to improve it.  Forthcoming features include parking locations, printable version, and BeaverBus information.

Now Accepting Applications for the 2018 Linn-Benton Master Gardener Program: Now is your chance to get involved with an amazing network of horticultural enthusiasts and give back to your community through gardening. Visit http://extension.oregonstate.edu/linn/horticulture to learn more about the Master Gardener program. Applications are due on Dec. 1 and classes start on Jan. 25, 2018. Please click here to apply to 2018 MG Program. Paper copies available upon request. Questions? Please email pamela.monnette@oregonstate.edu or call 541-967-3871.

Traffic and Maintenance

NEW! 36th and Harrison: Pacific Power will be replacing poles and installing a new pole and anchors beginning the week of Sept. 18, through Sept. 29. A tree contractor working for Pacific Power will be trimming trees in the area for new clearances and pole and anchor locations. Lane closures will vary daily. Traffic will be maintained and directed by flaggers and signage.

NEW! 26th Street: Due to New Student Walk/Orange & Black Rally events, 26th Street will be closed from Washington Ave. to the north side of the driveway into Reser Stadium from 1 p.m. through 8:30 p.m. (View Map). The New Student Walk from the MU Quad to Gill Coliseum for the Convocation ceremony may slow down traffic in the area from 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm.  There will be a Beaver Bus detour (View Map). For questions or comments on this closure, contact Natalie Rooney at (541) 737-0526.

NEW! 26th Street: Due to University Day events, 26th Street will be closed from A Ave. to the north side of the driveway into Reser Stadium from 7 a.m. through 4 p.m. (View Map). For questions or comments on this closure, contact Transportation Services at (541) 737-2583.

National Forage Seed Center East Lot: To facilitate the reconstruction and expansion of the gravel parking lot west of the Motor Pool along Campus Way, all parking stalls will be closed for the duration of the project within the lot, June 12 – Sept.  15. There will also be closures to the adjacent sidewalks and access aisles for limited duration.  The access aisle to the Radiation Center will remain open, or the project will accommodate special deliveries.  Clark Meat Lab access will be provided as coordinated with the building manager, with pedestrian paths communicated to the public in advance of events and for normal business.  General construction noise and dust will be present during the lot reconstruction.


To apply for the below positions, visit http://oregonstate.edu/jobs unless otherwise specified.

NEW! The Oregon State University Foundation has an new opportunity for a Facilities and Office

Technician. This position is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the Foundation’s Corvallis building, offices, and grounds, and for selected facilities activities in the Foundation’s Portland office.  Learn more or apply at:  www.osufoundation.org 

NEW! The Oregon State University Foundation has an exciting opportunity for an Service Desk Support Technician (helpdesk) in Information Technology.  This position will assist in the implementation and support of OSU Foundation IT systems by providing first level support for the ITS Service Desk responding to and addressing requests for assistance with technical problems and issues. The Service Desk Support Technician will provide support to all OSU Foundation offices, including the main Corvallis office, three offices on the OSU Corvallis campus, one office in Portland, and one office in Bend.  Learn more or apply at:  www.osufoundation.org

Accountant 1 – The Agricultural Sciences and Marine Sciences Business Center invites applications for a full-time (1.00 FTE), 12-month, Accountant 1 position for their Newport Office. Posting #P01154CT. Full consideration date: Sept. 18. Closes Oct. 2. This position is located in Newport, Oregon.

Large Animal Client Advocate – The Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Oregon State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, has an immediate opening for a half-time (0.50 FTE), limited duration position as a Large Animal Client Relations Advocate. Duties include advocating for hospital clients to optimize communication and customer service. Act as a liaison between clients and hospital clinicians and staff to communicate pertinent information and assess client needs in a busy hospital environment. Effective customer service skills and abilities required, as well as computer skills and experience.  Familiarity with large breed animals (horses, sheep, cattle, camelids, goats) preferred. To see the full position announcement, qualifications, and apply to the position, view posting P01151CT. Questions about the position can be directed to Tammy Barr at Tammy.Barr@oregonstate.edu. Close Sept. 18.

Senior Director of Community Relations and Marketing–  OSU-Cascades in Bend, Oregon is seeking applicants for a full-time (1.0 FTE) 12-month Senior Director of Community Relations and Marketing.  As a member of the OSU-Cascades’ Leadership Team, the Senior Director of Community Relations and Marketing will provide strategic and visionary leadership in support of OSU-Cascades by working to enhance the brand, reputation, public awareness and support of OSU-Cascades.  Posting # P01550UF.  Full consideration date Sept 18. Closes Sept. 20.

Maintenance Laborer Coordinator – University Housing & Dining Services invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month, Maintenance Laborer Coordinator position. Posting number P01112CT. Closes Sept. 18. 

Executive Assistant: Student Health Services invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month, Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, Posting #P01535UF.  Closes Sept. 18.

NEW! Facilities Services is seeking a Trades Maintenance Coordinator (Internal Employment Opportunity). This is a full-time (1.0 FTE) 12-month position. Posting #P01157CT. Closes Sept. 20. 

Administrative Coordinator, External Engagement – The College of Business invites applicants for a full time (1.0 FTE) 12-month Administrative Coordinator position.  Posting # P01544UF. Full Closes Sept. 21.

EXTENDED – Assistant Professor of Practice – This is a full-time, 12-month, fixed-term, Assistant Professor of Practice position that will serve the Klamath Basin region in addressing Irrigated forages, Livestock production and Open Campus. The academic home for this position will be the Department of Agricultural Education & Agricultural Sciences, in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University (OSU).  The position will be located in Klamath Falls.  Posting# P01426UF. Closes Sept. 21.

EXTENDED! Accountant 2- The University Administrative Business Center (UABC) in Corvallis. Invites applications for two full-time (1.0 FTE) Salary, 12-month Accountant 2 post # P01158CT  Full Consideration date Sept. 11, Closes Sept. 22.

NEW! The 4-H Oregon Conference/Education Center at Oregon State University (OSU) is hiring a Cook 1 position.  This position is seasonal with an intermittent schedule through the winter months (December, January, February). This position is in a rural youth camp kitchen located in Salem, Oregon. Posting #: P01162CT.  Closes Sept. 22.

The Office of Equity Opportunity is seeking a Director of Equal Opportunity Investigations. This is a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month, fixed term professional faculty position. Reappointment is at the discretion of the Executive Director. Posting # P01537UF. Open until filled. Full consideration date Sept. 22.

Communication Toolkit Intern – OSU Libraries and Press invites applications for a part time (10 h a week), 20 week position. The student intern will work with the Data Management Specialist at the library to develop materials (presentations, guidelines, exercises, etc.) that will help researchers have conversations about how to share their research data. Posting #P02718SE. Closes Sept. 24.

NEW! Cook 1 – University Housing & Dining Services (UHDS) invites applications for three full-time, 10-month, classified Cook 1 positions.  Posting # P01125CT.  For full consideration, apply by Sept. 25.  Closing date is Dec 29 or when filled.

The Vice President for Research Office is seeking an Associate Vice President for Research. This is an Internal Employment Opportunity. This is a full-time (1.00 FTE), 12-month, fixed term professional faculty position. Consideration will be made for applicants to start at .50 FTE or greater for up to one year, with the intent of this being a full 1.0 FTE within a year. Reappointment is at the discretion of the Vice President. Closes Sept. 25. Posting # P01568UF.

Newport Business Office Manager – The Agricultural Sciences and Marine Sciences Business Center invites applications for a full-time (1.00 FTE), 12-month, Business Office Manager position for their Newport Office. Posting #P01575UF. Full consideration date Sept. 27.  Closes Oct. 11. This position is located in Newport, Oregon.

NEW! The Office of Admissions is seeking an Assistant Director of Operations. This is a full-time (1.00 FTE), 12-month, fixed term professional faculty position. Reappointment is at the discretion of the Director. Posting #P01584UF. For full consideration: Sept. 29. Closes Oct. 6.

NEW! OSU Extension Service-Assistant to the Outdoor School Program Leader: The Division of University Outreach and Engagement, Extension Service at Oregon State University invites applications for a full-time, 12-month, fixed-term professional faculty, Assistant to the Outdoor School Program Leader.  Salary is commensurate with education and experience. Posting #P01570UF. Closes Sept. 29.

NEW! The College of Science advising office invites applications for a full-time (1.0FTE), 12-month Advisor position. The Transfer Student Support & Recruitment Advisor provides direct academic advising to current, prospective and intra-university transfer students in the College of Science. Posting #P01554UF.  Closes Sept. 30.

Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor – Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences and the OSU Extension Service invite applications for a full-time, 9-month, annual tenure-track position at the rank of Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor that will serve the OSU Wasco and Hood River Region. The academic home will be the College of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Horticulture at Oregon State University. This position will be based in The Dalles at Wasco County Extension Office with a satellite office at the Mid-Columbia Agriculture Research and Extension Center in Hood River. Summer salary for 2 months will be provided by the College of Agricultural Sciences for three years after the start of the position. After that, it is expected that grants, fees, gifts, and or local funding will be secured for summer salary. Obtaining these funds will be the responsibility of the faculty member.  Posting # P01496UF. Closes Sept. 30.

Treasury Manager – The University Shared Services Enterprise (USSE) in Corvallis. Invites applications for one full-time, 12-month Treasury Manager, Post # P01383UF.  Closes Sept. 30.  

Fiscal Coordinator 2 – The University Shared Services Enterprise (USSE) in Corvallis. Invites applications for one full-time, 12-month Fiscal Coordinator 2, Post # P00977CT.  Closes Sept. 30.

NEW! The 4-H Youth Development Off Campus Office is recruiting for a 4-H Youth Development Educator. This position is located in Benton County and will work as a member of a regional and statewide team of the Extension 4-H Youth Development program.  This is a full-time (1.0 FTE) 12-month, fixed-term appointment. Posting # P01585UF. Closes Oct.1.

NEW! Student Health Services invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month, Medical Aide, Posting #P01175CT.  Closes Oct. 1.

Assistant/Associate Professor of Horticulture-MCAREC, Hood River. This recruitment will be used to fill one full-time, 9-month, tenure-track, Assistant/Associate Professor focused on orchard production of fresh sweet cherries and pears. This position is located at Mid-Columbia Agricultural Research & Extension Center in Hood River, Oregon. Posting # P01491UF. Closes Oct. 1.

NEW! The Oregon State University College of Agricultural Sciences and the OSU Extension Service invites applications for a full-time (1.00 FTE), 12-month, fixed-term Assistant Professor of Practice, Extension Field Crops and Watershed Management position located in Malheur County, Oregon. Posting # P01591UF. Closes Oct. 13.

NEW! The Office of Financial Aid is seeking a Financial Aid Advisor. This is a full-time (1.00 FTE), 12-month, fixed term professional faculty position. Reappointment is at the discretion of the Director. Posting #P01604UF. Closes Oct. 13.

ABE Teacher  The College Assistant Migrant Program (CAMP) is seeking an ABE Teacher. This is a part-time, .49 FTE, 9-month, fixed term professional faculty position. Posting # P01530UF. Closes June 30, 2018.

The Oregon State University Foundation is seeking an innovative Oregon State student to work in the Donor Relations department. Be part of the team that says thank you and makes sure that generous supporters know their gifts are having a positive impact on campus. Alumni, parents, and others donate over $100 million a year to OSU for scholarships, new facilities, and research projects. This position works a maximum of 20 hours per week.  Students must be available during summer months.  Hourly wage is $10 – $12.  Visit About Us at the OSU Foundation website http://www.osufoundation.org to learn more details and how to apply.

Web Development Student InternshipThe OSU Foundation seeks an energetic and creative Oregon State student to join our talented Communications team as a Web Intern. This student position offers an exciting opportunity to increase your knowledge of website and multimedia development and digital communications processes, while building your professional portfolio. Projects will include building and editing web pages, multimedia features, and digital communications for the OSU Foundation. Up to 20 hours per week. Work must be completed onsite at the OSU Foundation office during regular business hours (8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday). Applicants must be current OSU students. This position is open immediately with preference given to applicants who have an interest in continuing work throughout the 2016-17 academic year. Work-study students are encouraged to apply.  $10.25-12/hour.  Apply at http://www.osufoundation.org/s/359/foundation/index.aspx?sid=359&gid=34&pgid=4481www.osufoundation.org

The OSU Alumni Association is hiring 4-5 students to join the Student Setup Crew.  This is a year-round position.  Ability to start during the summer is desirable.  This is a part-time student position working up to 20 hours per week at the CH2M Hill Alumni Center.  In this role, student workers execute event setups and perform basic maintenance, cleaning, A/V setup, technical support, and customer service. Flexibility, attention to detail, teamwork, and the ability to work independently are required. Salary:  $10.25/hour.  Lean more about the position at OSUFoundation.org – About – Careers – Student Job Openings.   Current OSU students can apply by submitting a cover letter and resume to Christi Kasten, Sr. Associate Executive Director by email at christi.kasten@oregonstate.edu.

The Oregon State University Foundation has an exciting opportunity for an Athletic Development Events Student Worker on our Athletics Communication and Stewardship teamUnder the direction of the Events Director, interns will observe and assist in projects related to event planning.  Responsibilities include engaging in strategic planning for upcoming events, opportunity to innovate new fundraising events, researching potential venues, purchasing and organizing events supplies, crafting communication, assist with RSVP guest and invitation lists, tracking information, assist with on-site event execution including set-up, registration and breakdown, and other duties as needed.


Corvallis: “Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple.” ~ J.K. Rowling. Showers today, high of 62, low of 52. Showers tomorrow.

Central Oregon: Chance of rain today, high of 54, low of 39. Chance of showers tomorrow.

Newport: Showers today, high of 57, low of 51. Showers tomorrow.

Statewide: For OSU employees around the state, find your local forecast here: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/pqr/

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