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Aug. 4-8, 2014

Today in the News Media

Today in the News Media is a synopsis of some of the most prominent coverage of OSU people and programs. Inclusion of any item constitutes neither an endorsement nor a critique, but rather is intended only to make the OSU community aware of significant items in the media.

From Finding Nemo to minerals, what riches lie in the deep sea? (Innovations Report)

“What we know highlights that it provides much directly to society,” says Thurber, a researcher at the College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University in the US. Yet, the deep sea is facing impacts from climate change and, as resources are depleted elsewhere, is being increasingly exploited by humans for food, energy and metals like gold and silver. (see also Gazette-Times, Charleston Daily Mail, The Conversation)

In search of the great American beer (Smithsonian)

“Historically, new hop varieties were bred as replacements for those already on the market,” says Shaun Townsend, assistant professor of Hop Breeding and Genetics at Oregon State University. “When a brewery identified a cultivar that worked well for their beer recipes, they were reluctant to change out that cultivar for fear of introducing undesirable flavors in the final product.”

Warming from coupled climates (Nature)

Researchers have debated whether temperature and ocean fluctuations were in sync with each other during past climate changes. Summer Praetorius and Alan Mix of Oregon State University in Corvallis studied oxygen isotopes as a proxy for ocean temperature in three sediment cores from the Gulf of Alaska covering the past 18,000 years.

Tests on bees from massive die-off nearly done (Earth Fix)

Oregon State University also tested the bees, for pests and disease, and found nothing that would explain the mass deaths. Experts say the bees appear to have starved, which could have been caused by pesticides or other factors.

OSU study examines birth control in obese women (Gazette-Times)

“Birth control pills have been shown in a large population study to fail at a higher rate in women who are obese,” said Ganesh Cherala, an assistant professor in the Oregon State University/Oregon Health & Science University College of Pharmacy.

Neuroscientist reveals that men can care for children just as well as mothers (Daily Mail)

The research titled ‘Flexibility of the father’s brain’ was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. ‘Shifts in society and culture have led to increases in men’s involvement in the care of infants,’ writes researcher Sarina Saturn of Oregon State University.

Camelina shows promise in Eastern Oregon (Capital Press)

While Eastern Oregon farmers are facing one of the tightest ever water years in their area this season, field trials at Oregon State University’s Malheur County experiment station are showing that camelina could be a source of income for growers when water is scarce.

World Peace is coming to Corvallis (Corvallis Advocate)

Terry is a professor in the Oregon State University College of Education and a former grade school teacher.

Rabid fox found in Junction City (Oregonian)

The fox was picked up by the Chintimini Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Corvallis and was tested and confirmed for rabies at Oregon State University, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

Estimates differ on marijuana revenues (Portland Tribune)

A 2013 Oregon State University estimate pegs the number of current users who would switch to a legal market at 40 percent, about 110,000 of 260,000 who are age 21 and older. Users between 18 and 21 were excluded.

New report questions earthquake estimates (Portland Tribune)

The new report points to confounding evidence from a much larger suite of cores that were collected and first analyzed by University of Washington and Oregon State University scientists in the late 1960s and early 1970s. (see also KTVZ)

“Julius Caesar” latest in a long history of Shakespeare on campus (LIFE@OSU)

A mere 119 years later, Julius Caesar is again coming to Oregon State, this time for the annual Bard in the Quad performance. If OSU theater experts have their calculations correct, while it’s only the second time “Julius Caesar” has been performed on campus, it’s approximately the 40th time Shakespeare has been performed at OSU.

Are Oregon universities efficient at producing graduates? (Oregonian)

The University of Oregon and Oregon State University are spending a lot more than they used to, about $60,000, to produce a college graduate, a new study shows.

A farm like no other (Jefferson Public Radio)

Six alpacas group together — clearly friends. They were rescued in Polk County, Oregon when 175 alpacas were seized from a breeder who neglected them. Oregon State University provided the veterinary services needed to bring the animals back to health, and then they were transferred to other organizations, or adopted by people who would care for them.

Shipping lanes threaten Pacific blue whales (New York Times)

“It’s an unhappy coincidence,” said Ladd Irvine, a marine biologist at Oregon State University who led the study, published in the journal PLOS One. “The whales are purely there because they need to find the densest food aggregations possible.” (see also Global Animal)

Oregon State U: Committed to conservation and wildlife on and off campus (National Wildlife Federation)

Oregon State University in Corvallis is committed to conservation and wildlife both on and off campus.OSU has proven to be a leader in campus sustainability for many years. In 2011, National Wildlife Federation’s Campus Ecology program recognized OSU for their Energy Center, the nation’s first LEED Platinum-rated power facility and their Student Sustainability Initiative. OSU has also attained a Gold rating in STARS – the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System; received the highest green ranking in Oregon and was listed as 11th in the nation in the 2013 Sierra Club “Cool Schools” ranking; and placed first in 2010, 2011, and 2012 in the annual Civil War RecycleMania competition with University of Oregon.

Growing on the go (Green Profit)

Increasing food literacy is particularly important for children. It’s an issue that Oregon State University (OSU) Extension Unit and the North Coast Food Web have been actively working to change starting with the elementary students of Clatsop County.

Purple jellyfish was ashore by the thousands on Oregon beaches (Oregonian)

According to Oregon State University researchers, the sails are set diagonally along the axis of the jellyfish in a northwest to southeast direction in the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, the sails are reversed.

How Bosky’s engraved wooden sunglasses are helping independent artists (Design & Trend)

Bosky is headquartered in Corvallis, OR and also offers a large variety of bioplastic snow goggles and a couple T-shirts.  Cruft, who is a graduate of Oregon State University, offered some background on the state which supports the ideas behind the company.

Workshop on non-lethal wolf management (Union-Bulletin)

Local ranchers are invited to learn more about non-lethal wolf management techniques and research at a workshop scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 21, at Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton. The workshop — coordinated by Oregon State University Extension Service and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service — will cover topics including the science and practical applications of non-lethal wolf deterrents to protect livestock.

Florida enacts lionfish ban, but is it too little, too late? (Digital Journal)

“They’ll eat just about anything they can swallow and almost nothing eats them,” Stephanie Green, of Oregon State University and the study’s principal author told Inter Press. That, she noted, is why they are so easy to catch.

Gaining green ground (Oregon Wine Press)

Some result from research performed by institutions like the Oregon Wine Research Institute at Oregon State University. Led by Mark Chien, the new program coodinator, OWRI employs dedicated scientists to conduct studies that invariably increase sustainability through useful — and hopefully reasonably priced — applications.

Growth in higher education spurs construction (University Business)

“This is probably the most intense period of construction that Oregon State University has seen in 146 years, both in terms of the number of projects and complexity,” said Steve Clark, vice president for university relations and marketing.

Chris Crass on social justice issues (Truth Out)

Chris Crass speaks to the Annares Project, founded by Tony Vogt and Joseph Orosco, who both teach in the School of History, Philosophy and Religion at Oregon State University.

Curvy furniture can play with your emotions (Charlotte Observer)

Researchers at Oregon State University showed four rooms to 111 students and asked which they liked best. Two rooms had curvy furniture and two had square and rectangular pieces. The curvy furniture, most students said, made them feel happier, calmer and more sociable.

New app helps diagnose, treat sick tomato plants (Statesman Journal)

“With such a wide range of pests that affect tomato plants, gardeners at all levels — and even professional growers — can have a difficult time identifying and treating them,” said Neil Bell, OSU Extension Horticulturalist in Marion County.

Don’t regulate onion growers to death (Capital Press)

Scientists at Oregon State University were asked to find out whether the FDA was just being prudent with its proposals or providing a solution where no problem existed. The research continues, but so far it shows that E. coli is not a problem in onions. If current research is backed up by larger-scale experiments that are underway, the FDA says it will back away from its water quality requirements.

OSU-Cascades gets good news on pumice mine (Bend Bulletin)

OSU-Cascades has been given cautious approval to transform a former pumice mine into a university campus, with a geotechnical investigation finding no hazards that rule out development.

New book tells story of Chemawa Indian School (Statesman Journal)

Parkhurst moved to Portland for her research and taught music at Pacific University and Lewis & Clark College. In May 2014, her book, “To Win the Indian Heart: Music at Chemawa Indian School,” was published by Oregon State University Press.

All eyes on Wehby in Senate race (Bend Bulletin)

“What’s generating the buzz is the Republicans kind of salivating over the Merkley Senate seat, because leaders of the national party are sensing that it’s vulnerable,” said James Foster, a political science professor at Oregon State University-Cascades.

Lawmakers consider rural access to broadband, expansion capabilities in hearing (Farm Futures)

That lack of access is having an impact on rural America, according to Padalino’s written testimony; an economic study from Oregon State University in 2014 found that increased broadband access can provide a positive impact on median household income and total employment, it said.

Oregon State’s Weatherford Hall home to thousands over the years (Gazette-Times)

Weatherford Hall is one of Oregon State University’s most recognizable buildings — an elegant residential structure built in 1928 in the heart of campus. Its distinctive arch brings to mind the buildings at Oxford.

Nationwide solar challenge ends in Minnesota (KTTC)

“That excitement along with the sun was enough fuel to get eight teams from Austin, Texas to Minneapolis, Minnesota,” said Sami Al-Abdrabbuh, a participant from Oregon State University.

Beavers, Ducks and cancer survivors enjoy day on the McKenzie River (Democrat-Herald)

It all happened in about five seconds. All of a sudden, Corvallis’ Cressey Merrill, who will turn 6 this Sunday, had two gigantic new friends. Cressey, a cancer survivor affiliated with the Candlelighters program, was joined for breakfast Wednesday by Oregon State University football players Noke Tago and Fred Lauina. Tago, a defensive tackle, and Lauina, an offensive guard, both weigh 305 pounds.

A tour of the ancient life still trapped in amber (Motherboard)

This is another 100 million-year-old fossil collected by Oregon State University. But instead of preserving a tableau of death, the amber captured the oldest specimen of sexual reproduction in flowers. 

Longtime county agent Ed Bonham dies at 90 (The Dalles Chronicle)

Wasco County’s longest-serving Extension agent, Earl Edward “Ed” Bonham, died July 23, 2014, in The Dalles at the age of 90.

Pauling’s Nobel prizes reside at Oregon State University (Gazette-Times)

As the only person to win two unshared Nobel Prizes, Linus Carl Pauling is widely considered Oregon State University’s most heralded undergraduate alum. Pauling won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1954, and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1962.

OSU Extension bill moves in senate (Tri-City Herald)

A bill that would allow Oregon State University to move its Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center to a more rural area moved forward Wednesday through a U.S. Senate subcommittee Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Bringing agriculture to the people (Herald & News)

“I like talking to people,” said Taylor, 17, and a member of the Wing World 4-H Club. She brought her Welsh Harlequin duck and her ducklings to show at the Oregon State University Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center’s 100th anniversary celebration on Monday. “I do like showing off my birds.”

Showing support for OSU Extension Service (Keiser Times)

By a unanimous vote, Keizer City Councilors on Monday agreed to support an effort by the Citizens for Marion County Extension to form a new 4-H service district. The request came from Derek Godwin of the Oregon State University Extension Service.

Oregon State launches new online masters program in engineering management (Insurance News)

Engineering professionals who want to take on leadership roles can now earn aMaster of Engineering degree online from Oregon State University that is focused on engineering management.

It was the hottest July ever in Grants Pass (Daily Astorian)

The hottest July on record just ended in Grants Pass, according to Kathie Dello of the Oregon Climate Change Institute at Oregon State University.


US Coast Guard birthday celebration: The Oregon State University NROTC Unit will host a birthday cake celebration in honor of the birthday of the US Coast Guard at the Naval Armory on Monday, Aug. 4, at 11:30 a.m..  If you are a veteran of the US Coast Guard, US Marine Corps or United States Navy, collectively known as the “Sea Services” please join us as we recognize the 224th anniversary of the founding of the US Coast Guard in 1790.  The event is open to the entire OSU community.


Evening Public Sale at the OSUsed Store: The OSUsed Store is open for our monthly evening public sale Wednesday, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at 644 SW 13th. Personal purchases must be made during public sales. Departments may shop 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, or during public sales on Wednesdays. More information on our website.


Bard in the Quad: ” Julius Caesar.” Performances run Aug. 14-17 at 7:30 pm in the Memorial Union Quad. This is an outdoor performance and no seating is provided. Patrons are encouraged to bring low lawn chairs and/or blankets. No one will be seated prior to 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 for general admission, $10 for students and seniors, and $5 for OSU students. Tickets are available for online purchases now at bardinthequad.org or call the OSU Theatre box office.

Fireworks: The Corvallis Knights will be holding a fireworks event on campus Aug. 7, 9:45 to 11:30 p.m.


Compost Demo by Compost Specialist, Lane County OSU Extension Service Farms & Gardens: For beginning to experienced composters, these hands-on workshops will cover the basics of how composting works, which materials to use, different methods of composting and types of compost bins. Workshops are led by certified OSU Extension Service Compost Specialists. Pre-registration is not required. Aug. 2, 10 a.m. to noon. Transition Garden (adjacent to the Food for Lane County Youth Farm), 905 Flamingo, Springfield, free but donations welcomed.

Summer choir: The OSU Summer Choir presents its annual finale concert on Saturday, Aug. 9, at 7 p.m. in the First United Methodist Church, 1165 N.W. Monroe Street. Free. The OSU Summer Choir is a non-auditioned, university and community choir that provides choral conducting students with real conducting experience and music teachers with professional development.

Upcoming Events

NEW! Parcella Provence retirement: Please join the Memorial Union Organization in thanking Parcella Provence for 29+ years of service to OSU. A retirement reception will be held for Parcella on Aug. 22, 2-3:30 p.m. in the MU Lounge. Refreshments will be provided.

NEW! New Employee Welcome Breakfast: The sixth annual New Employee Welcome Breakfast hosted by Provost Sabah Randhawa will be held on University Day, Thursday, Sept. 18, at 8:30 a.m., in the Club Level of Reser Stadium. All employees who have joined or will join the University between September 2013 and September 2014 will be invited to accompany President Ray, Provost Randhawa and other OSU colleagues for breakfast and conversation. Registration by Sept. 12 is required, please visit https://conferences.bus.oregonstate.edu/Conference/new-employee-breakfast/registration. Questions? Please call the Office of the Provost at 541.737.2111.

Lectures and Webinars

Search Advocate sessions: More sessions of the Search Advocate full-day summer workshop have been added by popular demand! Be prepared to work with search committees on the 2014-15 Provost’s Initiative searches–or any other searches—by completing this workshop covering strategies to enhance validity, fairness, and diversity in the search process.  Instead of requiring the typical two-workshop series (totaling 10 hours), this summer we are streamlining the workshop to a single day ( 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., breakfast and lunch included).  Register at the OSU Professional Development website http://oregonstate.edu/training/index.php for Aug. 6.    September sessions are also available before classes begin, either Sept. 22 or Sept. 25.  Questions?  Contact Anne Gillies anne.gillies@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-0865.

STEM Workshops for Educators: Offered by OSU research faculty. Free. Lunch provided. Limited funds available to support lodging costs for  participants more than 80 miles away. Aug. 11-12: Climate Change and Ocean Acidification. Aug. 14-15: Biological Motions through the Lens-An Advanced Light Microscopy Workshop. To register or for more information, email Kari van Zee, Program  Coordinator STEPs, at vanzeek@science.oregonstate.edu; 541-737-1773.

News for Employees

NEW! UHDS Fall Move-in Promotion Opportunities for OSU-affiliated departments, student groups, and organizations: UHDS has revised our move-in promotional offerings this year to reflect OSU’s Strategic Goals of Healthy People, Healthy Economy and Healthy Planet. To participate this year your organization must follow the procedure listed under the “Fall 2014 Move-In Promotion” heading at http://oregonstate.edu/uhds/marketing-and-promotion-uhds-facilities.  Please contact dave.warneking@oregonstate.edu with any questions.

NEW! Recreational Sports Summer Shutdown 2014: RecSports is busy gearing up for Summer Shutdown 2014. This annual event occurs in late August where our team of students and staff members work diligently to improve and care for your facilities. Rather than interrupt students and member throughout the academic year, we have identified the lowest-use time within Recreational Sports in the summer to accomplish our work. Steven’s Natatorium will be closed from Aug. 11 – Sept. 1, and Dixon Recreation Center will close for maintenance Aug. 18 – Sept. 1. We do our best to ensure you can keep up your health and fitness routine during Shutdown, so click here to learn about alternative ways to stay active during Summer Shutdown 2014! Questions? Contact Ali Casqueiro, Membership Coordinator.

NEW! Student volunteer opportunity: Students – Volunteer for Fall International Student Orientation: We need volunteers to help new International Students adjust to campus the week of Sept. 22-26. Please sign up here to volunteer

NEW! Participate in International Student Orientation: OSU community – Show off your department or student organization at a table during International Student Orientation on Sept. 22. Sign up here

NEW! The Source: The summer edition of The Source, OSU College of Agricultural Sciences’ e-newsletter, is now available at http://agsci.oregonstate.edu/newsletter/2014/july

PIRE program: The Office for Research Development is requesting letters of intent for the Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE)program. The primary goal of PIRE is to support high quality projects in which advances in research and education could not occur without international collaboration. PIRE seeks to catalyze a higher level of international engagement in the U.S. science and engineering community. Guidelines: http://oregonstate.edu/research/incentive/nsf-pire. Information: Mary Phillips, Director, Office for Research Development, mary.phillips@oregonstate.edu. Deadline: Aug. 18.

Dads and Family Weekend Events: The MUPC team has begun to coordinate events for Dads and Family weekend and wants to know if your department or organization has an event you want included on the program. Dads and Family Weekend is Nov. 7- 9. Please contact Curtis Orona (curtis.orona@oregonstate.edu) with your event name and time before Oct. 3.

UHDS Fall 2014 Opening and Early Arrival Information: UHDS Fall 2014 Move-In will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 23 and Wednesday, Sept. 24. OSU departments and programs that require students to arrive prior to Move-In must complete the Early Arrival Request Form by Aug. 1. Visit http://bit.ly/uhdsearlygrouparrival for further details and contact information.

Hip Hop Mini-Symposium and Festival: The College of Liberal Arts in conjunction with the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles and the Popular Music Studies Program at OSU will host a one-day conference and festival on the topic of Hip Hop Music and Culture Oct. 17. The conference will bring together scholarship and performance. The keynote is hip hop performer MC Lyte. Abstracts are being accepted for paper sessions and should be no longer than 500 words for a 20-minute presentation. We are interested in the interdisciplinary aspects of hip hop culture and music. Proposals should be sent with the subject heading: “Hip Hop Symposium Abstract” to Dana Reason by Friday, Aug. 15. Acceptance notices will be posted Aug. 25. Accepted applicants must provide their own travel and lodging.

Recreational Sports Summer Half-Term Membership – Available for Purchase today:  It’s not too late to get and stay active this summer with Recreational Sports! Enjoy state-of-the-art cardio/weight equipment, group exercise classes, intramural sports/special tournaments and outdoor adventure with the Adventure Leadership Institute. A half-term membership costs only $41 (faculty/staff/affiliates/dependents) and only $34 for students (and their affiliates/dependents). Contact Ali Casqueiro, Membership Coordinator, for more information.


To apply for the below positions, visit http://jobs.oregonstate.edu unless otherwise specified.

The Oregon State University Foundation is recruiting for an accomplished Research Analyst.  If you are interested in advancing your career in an organization that is making a difference, please complete the Foundation’s job application, and send it with your cover letter and resume to Fran Judy, Sr. HR Coordinator, OSU Foundation.

University Housing and Dining is seeking Resident Directors (RDs) for a 52-week live-in, professional responsible for the overall administration of one or more residence halls housing 200-700 students. The Resident Director plays an integral role in implementing Oregon State University’s First Year Experience Program, helping students thrive academically, personally, and socially, and to find a connection to the institution. For more information visit this site.  Full consideration: Aug. 4.

Food Service Worker 2 – University Housing & Dining Services (UHDS) invites applications for three full-time, 10 month, Food Service Worker 2 positions.  Posting # 0012829.  Closes Aug 4.

Cook 1 – University Housing & Dining Services (UHDS) invites applications for five full-time, 10 month, Cook 1 positions.  Posting # 0012827.  Closes Aug 4.

Office Specialist 2 (Internal Employment Opportunity) –Graduate School invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month,  Office Specialist 2, Posting #0012823. Closes Aug. 4.

Accountant 1. This recruitment will be used to fill one full-time Accountant 1 position for the University Administration Business Center (UABC). Posting #0012824. Closes Aug. 4.

Public Info Rep 1 – College of Business invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), Public Info Rep 1. Posting #0012776. Apply by Aug 4.

Marine Technician, Faculty Research Assistant – College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), Marine Technician. Posting #0012645. Closes Aug. 4.

Accountant 1 – The Agricultural Sciences and Marine Sciences Business Center invites applications for a full-time (1.00 FTE) position as Accountant 1.  Posting #0012760.  Closes Aug. 5.

Coordinator – Outreach Program – Extension Services at Oregon State University invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE),  Outreach Program Coordinator position, located in Eugene, OR.  Posting # 0012759. Closes Aug. 5.

Office Specialist 2, Memorial Union at OSU. F/T position w/benefits & monthly salary.  To review posting and apply, go to http://oregonstate.edu/jobs. Apply to posting 0012849. Closes Aug. 6.

Accounting Technician, Arts and Sciences Business Center invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month, Accounting Technician position. Posting # 0012837.  Full consideration Aug. 6. Closes Aug. 13.

Grants/Contracts Coordinator – The Agricultural Sciences and Marine Sciences Business Center invites applications for a full-time (1.00 FTE) position as Grants/Contracts Coordinator.  Posting #0012781.  Closes Aug. 7.

Accountant 1, Arts and Sciences Business Center invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month, Accountant 1 position. Posting # 0012746.  Closes Aug. 7.

Coordinator –TOUR Program –Admissions invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month,  Coordinator-TOUR Program, Posting #0012851. Closes Aug. 7.

Regional Admissions Advisor –Admissions invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month,  Regional Admissions Advisor, Posting #0012852. Closes Aug. 8.

Library Technician 2. This recruitment will be used to fill one full-time Library Technician 2 position for the University Library at Oregon State University (OSU). Posting #0012819. Closes Aug. 8.

Library Technician 2. This recruitment will be used to fill one full-time Library Technician 2 position for the University Library at Oregon State University (OSU). Posting #0012819. Closes Aug. 8.

Audio Visual Technician 1, Memorial Union at OSU. F/T position w/benefits & monthly salary. To review posting and apply, go to http://oregonstate.edu/jobs. Apply to posting #0012850. Closes Aug. 8.

Human Resources Consultant 2, Arts and Sciences Business Center invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month, Human Resources Consultant 2 position. Posting # 0012846.  Closes Aug. 8.

Assistant Professor (Practice) – The College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month, Assistant Professor of Practice position, located in Warm Springs, OR.  Posting # 0012753. Closes Aug. 8.

Education Program Assistant 1   – Extension Family and Community Health invites applications for a part-time, (.65 FTE)  Education Program Assistant 1 position located in Dallas.  Posting # 0012869. Closes Aug. 10.

The School of Civil and Construction Engineering is accepting applications for an Academic Advisor, fixed-term appointment at 1.0 FTE. Posting # 0012863. For full consideration applications must be received by Aug. 10.

Education Program Assistant 1   – Extension Family and Community Health invites applications for a part-time, (.46 FTE)  Education Program Assistant 1 position located in Baker City.  Posting # 0012805. Closes Aug. 10.

Pathway Program Associate Manager (Internal) – INTO- OSU invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month, Pathway Program Associate Manager position. Posting #0012866. Closes Aug. 11.  This is an internal position.

Associate Dean-The College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS) invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12 month,  Associate Dean position. Posting #0012641.  Closes Aug. 11.

Outreach Program Coordinator – Extension Family and Community Health invites applications for a part-time, (.75 FTE)  Outreach Program Coordinator position located in Union County (La Grande).  Posting # 0012838. Closes Aug. 11.

Earned Value Management Coordinator, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences.  Posting #0012841. For full consideration apply by Aug. 14. Closes Aug. 21.

Equal Opportunity Coordinator – The Office of Equity and Inclusion invites applications for a full-time (1.00 FTE), 12-month, fixed term Equal Opportunity Coordinator position. Posting # 0012877. Closes for full consideration Aug 13.

The Materials Synthesis and Characterization (MaSC) facility on the Oregon State University campus is advertising for an Instrument Technician 2 to provide technical support in materials research labs.  MaSC faculty and staff provide deep experience in thin-film deposition, device fabrication, and materials analysis, serving as a hub for materials and device development on the OSU campus and for external users. Work will be carried out in numerous labs and shops throughout the College of Engineering and the College of Science at OSU, including a cleanroom environment. Posting #0012830. Closes Aug. 15

CAMP Outreach & Recruiter – Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month, CAMP Outreach & Recruiter position. Posting #0012873. Closes Aug. 15.

Information Technology Systems Specialist, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences.  Posting #0012810. For full consideration apply by Aug. 17.  Closes Sept. 7.

Human Resources Consultant 1 – The Health Sciences Business Center invites applications for a full-time (1.00 FTE), 12-month, Human Resources Consultant 1 position. Posting #0012860. Closes Aug. 17.

Administrative Assistant  – Hatfield Marine Science Center invites applications for a full-time Administrative Assistant to the Director.  Posting # 0012729.  Closes Aug. 17.

Cashier 2. This recruitment will be used to fill one full-time Cashier 2 position for Business Affairs at Oregon State University (OSU). Posting #0012864. Closes Aug. 18.

Program Representative 1. This recruitment will be used to fill two full-time Program Representative 1 positions for Business Affairs at Oregon State University (OSU). Posting #0012865. Closes Aug. 18.

Payroll Technician. This recruitment will be used to fill one part-time (approximately 30 hours per week) Payroll Technician position for Business Affairs at Oregon State University (OSU). Posting #0012840. Closes Aug. 18.

Director of Student Services – College of Engineering invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE) Director of Student Services. Posting #0012815. For full consideration apply by Aug 18. Closes Sept. 1.

The College of Veterinary Medicine’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital is seeking a Veterinary Technician 3 position for the Small Animal Urgent Care/ICU Service.  Interested parties should apply to posting #0012733 no later than Aug. 22.  Applicants must be Certified Veterinary Technicians to be considered.

The College of Veterinary Medicine’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital is hiring a Veterinary Technician 2 position for the Diagnostic Imaging Service.  Interested parties should apply to posting #0012813 no later than Aug. 24.  Applicants must be Certified Veterinary Technicians to be considered.

IT Web Specialist 2–The Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries (AquaFish) invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month,  fixed-term IT Web Specialist 2 position. Posting #0012870. Closes Aug. 30.

Public Information Representative 2 – University Marketing invites applications for a full-time (1.00 FTE), 12-month, Public Information Representative 2 position. Posting # 0012875. Closes Aug. 31.

Staff Auditor – The OSU Office of Audit Services invites applications for a Staff Auditor position. Posting #0012689. Closes Aug. 31.

Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine – OSU invites applications for the Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine. Posting # 0012628. Closes for full consideration Sept. 1.

Head of Mathematics – The Mathematics Department requests applications for a Head of Mathematics position, posting # 0011757. For full consideration, apply by Nov. 15.

Traffic and maintenance

30th Street: As part of the construction related to the Samaritan Sports Medicine Facility 30th street between the Oak Creek Bridge and the southern entrance to the Reser parking lot will be closed Aug. 4,  between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. This closure will allow for underground utility construction related to the Samaritan Sports Medicine Facility.

Jefferson Street: Jefferson Street between Sackett & 26th  will be closed Aug. 11-18 for paving.

Campus Way: As part of the Student Enrichment Center (SEC) project, the intersection of Campus Way and Waldo Way  will be closed Aug. 4, starting at 7 a.m., through Aug. 8, at 5 p.m., for street reconstruction.

Milne: As part of the Restroom ADA Upgrades project, the bathrooms in Milne will be closed through September.

Jefferson Way and Waldo Place: As part of the Student Experience Center project, from June 16 – Sept. 22, Waldo Place (from Jefferson Way to Campus Way) and Jefferson Way (from Waldo Place to 26th Street) will be closed to traffic for street improvement work.  Detour signs will be in place to route traffic down Benton to Washington Way. Also the Library loading dock will be temporarily relocated to the east side of the building at the Fire Lane.


Corvallis: A gorgeous, ruddy sunrise greeted us this morning. After a hot Monday, it will be sunny this week with highs in the 80s and lows in the upper 50s.

Central Oregon: After a chance of thunderstorms early in the week, it will be sunny, highs in the upper 80s, lows in the upper 50s.

Newport: Cloudy until late week, chance of drizzle, highs in the mid 60s, lows in the mid 50s.

Statewide: For OSU employees around the state, find your local forecast here: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/pqr/

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