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July 22-26, 2013

Today in the News Media

Today in the News Media is a synopsis of some of the most prominent coverage of OSU people and programs. Inclusion of any item constitutes neither an endorsement nor a critique, but rather is intended only to make the OSU community aware of significant items in the media.

The Loneliest Whale in the World? (Discovery News)

Leading the scientific team on that expedition will be renowned whale researcher Bruce Mate of the Hatfield Marine Science Center at Oregon State University. (see also MSN, Fox, News.com.au)

Sea levels set to keep rising in a warming world (Weather.com)

The Antarctic computer simulations were able to simulate the past five million years of ice history, and the other two ice models were directly calibrated against observational data – which in combination makes the scientists confident that these models are correctly estimating the future evolution of long-term sea-level rise”, says Peter Clark, a paleo-climatologist at Oregon State University and co-author of the study. (see also Nature World News, Science 2.0, Environmental News Network)

New footage of tsunami dock found (Yahoo News)

Cheryl Horton, a graduate student in fisheries and wildlife at Oregon State University (OSU), recently spotted the concrete dock floating in the background of a video taken off Agate Beach near Newport, Ore., days before the drifter came ashore. (see also KMTRLive SciencePhys.Org)

Oregon trailblazer Tebeau dies at 87 (Statesman Journal)

On paper, William “Bill” Tebeau will be remembered as a pioneer in Oregon’s black history. He was the first black male to graduate from Oregon State University — formerly Oregon State College — and overcame great odds to become an accomplished civil engineer and a teacher and mentor to future engineers. (see also Reno Gazette)

OSU says it can’t just turn over the funds to city to pay for police (Gazette-Times)

“It is our legal opinion that we cannot just take state funds intended for higher education and give them to another public entity,” said Steve Clark, the OSU vice president for marketing and university relations, said Tuesday. (see also KTVZ, Kansas City Star, KVAL)

Bee deaths lead to more questions than answers (Portland Tribune)

For Oregon State University Extension Entomologist Sujaya Rao, an expert on bumblebees and native bees, the work has only begun. Rao has been back to the parking lot several times since the dying bees were first discovered. The good news is that though dead bees are collecting inside of the nets, no new significant deaths are being found on the ground.

Visit by Japan officials raises hope of resuming Pacific Northwest exports (Oregonian)

Japanese agricultural officials are meeting with industry groups in Portland this week before heading to Washington, D.C., raising hopes that the biggest importer of Pacific Northwest wheat will resume purchases two months after genetically-modified wheat was found growing in an eastern Oregon field. (see also KIMA)

Oregon’s Jane Lubchenco talks NOAA and Stanford (Think Out Loud)

Jane Lubchenco was a highly respected zoology professor at Oregon State University when she was tapped in 2009 by the Obama administration to become the head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA). We spoke with her shortly after her appointment and we’re checking in with her again, now that she’s stepped down. (see also Gazette-Times)

In Oregon, the GMO wheat mystery deepens (NPR)

It was such a strange sight that the farmer wondered if this wheat might be genetically modified to be resistant to glyphosate, just like the popular Roundup Ready versions of corn and soybeans. He called a weed scientist named Carol Mallory-Smith at Oregon State University to ask her opinion. (see also NatureThe Scientist, Farm & Dairy)

Beating diabetes, a step at a time (Oregonian)

When she drives to Oregon State University, where she’s the College of Agricultural Sciences’ director of external relations, she parks far from her office. When she meets a colleague for coffee, she picks a shop way across campus and walks. When she sets goals, she reaches them.

Now what? (Inside Higher Ed)

Richard Settersten, professor of social and behavioral health sciences at Oregon State, co-wrote this piece on what happens after graduation college.

Tensions between Jackson County growers, GMO company peaked days before beet destruction (Oregonian)

Skundrick organized a meeting last summer, inviting two pro-GMO growers, two anti-GMO growers and Carol Mallory-Smith, an Oregon State University weed scientist who specializes in gene-flow and hybridization.

Joseph Heller’s grim tale of racism to appear in Strand Magazine (Vancouver Sun)

Almost Like Christmas is as bleak as any of Heller’s novels, but without the dark humour for which he would come to be famous. Heller biographer Tracy Daugherty (Oregon State University) said that at the time Heller had yet to develop his own literary voice and was instead mimicking the style of magazine stories.

New strawberry species discovered in Cascades, hidden in plant bank in Corvallis (Oregonian)

The first inklings of cascadensis‘ unusual genetics emerged in 2007. Oregon State University doctorate student, Wambui Njuguna, and a geneticist at the repository, Nahla Bassil, were analyzing 24 plants to uncover a DNA sequence to differentiate strawberry species. During their research, a plant code-named CFRA 110 kept returning more results than it was supposed to — a possible indication the plant had more chromosomes than assumed.

Ag programs face shrinking supply of teachers (Capital Press)

Last year only four students graduated from Oregon State University’s agricultural education program with master’s degrees, according to Greg Thompson, OSU’s agricultural education and general agriculture department head. Only three of those students opted to pursue a career in teaching.

Springfield students do their part for McKenzie River habitat assessment (Register-Guard)

Hardt recently finished her first year of college at Oregon State University, where she is pursuing a double major in environmental science and ornithology. She figures Perlmeter’s Habitat Assessment Team program has given her an edge over other students who learn about wildlife habitats in a classroom.

Fish ear-bones offer clues to health of ocean, species (Seattle-Times)

The UW recently made the first loan of the otoliths to Oregon State University, where researchers are studying the age when flatfish settle to the ocean floor.

Mozilla will expand Portland office, add staff and lease its own space (Oregonian)

Firefox, Mozilla’s most popular product, is an open source web browser that runs on multiple computing systems. Cook said that Mozilla has drawn heavily from Oregon State University’s Open Source Lab for its Portland staff. (see also Portland Business Journal)

Oregon elderly living longer, healthier lives than in other states (Oregonian)

As people live longer in the United States, focus has turned to increasing the proportion of those years that a person is healthy, and that’s been tough, said Dr. Balz Frei at Oregon State University.

20 diverse student journalists gather for High School Journalism Institute 2013 (Oregonian)

These talented student journalists will spend the next week on theOregon State University campus and in the Corvallis community to report, write, photograph and blog stories. In seven days, the students will have produced their own 32-page newspaper, The Pride.

Idaho officials on the lookout for potato tuberworms (Capital Press)

The discovery of tuberworm moths near Ontario, Ore., has led Idaho officials to be on alert for the pest, which can cause extensive damage to potatoes in the field and in storage. The moths were found in small numbers near the Oregon State University research station in Malheur County, Ore., last week.

New purple tomato variety high in antioxidants (Examiner)

The “Indigo Rose” tomato steps out this year as the first “really” purple variety to come from a program at Oregon State University that is seeking to breed tomatoes with high levels of antioxidants.

Council approves levy that would charge OSU for police service (Gazette-Times)

The Corvallis City Council approved a property tax levy Monday night for the November ballot that would leave Fire Station No. 5 closed, add Sunday hours for the library and charge Oregon State University for police services.

Nurturing a greener, cleaner garden (Register-Guard)

Far from being inconvenient, observation in the darkness “increases the pleasure of your garden, and exposes more information,” says Parrott, who teaches integrated pest management (IPM) in the Lane County Master Gardener program through the Oregon State University Extension Service.

Nanoparticles could disrupt immune cell function (C&EN)

Robert L. Tanguay of Oregon State University says these results suggest that nanoparticles may need additional safety testing on top of the standard toxicity studies. “That could open up a huge Pandora’s box,” he says, adding to the number of variables researchers consider when assessing nanomaterial toxicity.]

OSU graduate Doug Engelbart remembered in The Economist (Oregonian)

The Economist Magazine carried an obituary for Doug Engelbart, inventor of the computer mouse. Engelbart grew up in Southeast Portland and graduated from Oregon State University.

Helping oysters help us (Groks Science Radio Show)

Oysters face an ocean of difficulty but offer us a world of good. On this episode, Dr. George Waldbusser joins us to discuss oysters and his work concerning the effects of ocean acidification on oyster development.

Working on pears (AgInfo)

As a pear grower you know what kinds of problems you have with pests. But what about the rest of the industry here in the northwest? Katie Murray, Research Assistant with Oregon State University has spent the last several years authoring pest management strategic plans.

Summer backyard games can improve academics in the fall (Examiner)

The ability to pay attention is a skill that children begin developing in infancy. Mastering this skill is crucial to future success in school and adult life. Meghan McClelland of Oregon State University studied the relationship between the attention span of pre-schoolers to their future academic success and college completion. Her research found that children who had, as toddlers, strong attention and persistence skills were 50 percent more likely to complete a bachelor’s degree by age 25.

Fungi, flying machines and finding answers (Gazette-Times)

Da Vinci Days is offering a new series this year featuring speakers from the fields of science, technology, engineering, the arts and math, with an emphasis on highlighting research at Oregon State University.

Connecting the dots: Mobile terrestrial laser scanning (Traffic Safety Store)

During a recent survey by Oregon State University, fifty percent of personnel reported some level of use-case familiarity and most participants anticipate using it for a variety of applications within the next five years.

Intervention by Blumenauer’s office keeps disabled veteran and his family off the streets (Oregonian)

Political consultant Bill Lunch, Oregon State University political science professor emeritus, said each constituent case offers a political payoff. Not only will the individual voter be grateful, but he’ll tell family members and friends how the Congressman came to the rescue. The result, he said, is a range of five to 10 votes “that are sort of permanently in your pocket.

Fear of deportation not an issue for farmworkers who receive care from community health centers (Lund Report)

Daniel López-Cevallos, associate director of research at Oregon State University’s Center for Latino/a Studies and Engagement, said this research points to the importance of health services being administered to migrant farmworkers by trusted institutions. (see also Newberg Graphic)

Goodrich’s work, life flow into a new volume of poems (Gazette-Times)

For Charles Goodrich, it’s easy to see the connections between the streams of his life, from his 25 years as a professional gardener to his career as a writer — which now includes a new volume of poetry — and his current work running a nonprofit organization at Oregon State University.

The strange military origins of environmentalism (The Conversation)

A piece by OSU associate professor Jake Hamblin.

Summer Books (Nature)

Arming Mother Nature: The Birth of Catastrophic Environmentalism, by OSU’s Jacob Darwin Hamblin Oxford University Press: 2013.

Northwest scientists using drones to spy on nature (Seattle Times)

Scientists from Oregon State University are flying drones over potato fields this month to see if thermal sensors can identify ailing plants early enough to save them. (see also The Columbian)

Researchers record iceberg breaking as loud as an earthquake (Voice of America)

“The iceberg is essentially scraping along and more or less resonating, kind of like a tuning fork,” explained Robert Dziak of Oregon State University. (see also National GeographicAccuweather)

Lionfish found in sunken ship at 300 feet below surface wreaking havoc (Fox News)

“We expected some populations of lionfish at that depth, but their numbers and size were a surprise,” researcher Stephanie Green, of Oregon State University, said in a statement. (see also Mother Nature Network, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Sacramento Bee)

Micro-museum devoted to goats opens in Dallas (Statesman Journal)

The couple has operated the dairy for four years, adding a farm store last year. After attending an agritourism workshop at Oregon State University, they decided to build a little museum for farm visitors.

Nighttime heat waves quadruple in the Pacific Northwest (Phys.Org)

The two ran the numbers with the help of Oregon State University’s Kathie Dello at the Oregon Climate Service. They studied temperature readings west of the Cascade Mountains in Washington and Oregon from 1901 to 2009, looking for instances where the daytime high or nighttime  hit the top 1 percent of readings for at least three consecutive days

OSU Foundation Executive Director named to CASE board of trustees (Albany Tribune)

Mike Goodwin, president and chief executive officer of the Oregon State University Foundation, has been voted chair-elect of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Board of Trustees.

All pigs are equal (Medford Mail Tribune)

Haylee’s future in 4-H is uncertain, however, as county funding for the Oregon State University Extension Service may be cut next year. The Extension’s 4-H director, Anne Manlove, said 2014 may be the last summer for the program. (see also Democrat-Herald)

Poet featured in writer’s series (East Oregonian)

Charles Goodrich, director for the Spring Creek Project for Ideas, Nature and the Written Word at Oregon State University, is the featured author at Thursday’s First Draft Writers’ Series gathering.

Sen. Johnson secures critical funding for shellfish industry (Tillamook Headlight Herald)

Oregon State University will receive funds that will help the West Coast’s shellfish industry’s fight against ocean acidification, thanks largely to the efforts of Oregon state Senator Betsy Johnson (D-Scappoose). Receipt of these funds is timely and will give a critical boost to Oregon State University’s and the shellfish industry’s efforts to reduce the negative impacts of ocean acidification on shellfish production.

Feeling hopeful about diversity in the newsroom (Oregonian)

There’s something inspiring about walking into a room at Oregon State University and seeing a group of 20 students representing different ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds and experiences.

Tigard facility offers space for improvement (Portland Tribune)

Little more than a decade after graduating from Oregon State University, Josiah Lake actually put his senior thesis into practice.

VT’s Veterinary Medicine has new dean (ABC 13)

Dr. Cyril Clarke will be the dean of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Tech. Clarke currently serves as professor and dean of Oregon State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. (see also WSLS10)

Take a fresh look at canned peaches (Merced Sun Star)

When it comes to our product, a recent Oregon State University study shows that they are nutritionally on par with fresh peaches. In fact, canned product was found to have four times higher vitamin C and 1½ times higher antioxidants than fresh. To me, this study shows that canned peaches are healthy and available year-round with a low cost per serving.

Water mold genome study likely to boost aquaculture industry (FIS)

Researchers from the Oregon State University (OSU) developed a study with the help of some of the technology from the Human Genome Project to more clearly single out the genes used by a specific water mold attacking fish and causing heavy losses to the aquaculture industry. (see also The Fish Site)

Veggies growing fast: Here’s how to keep up (KMTR)

“Especially the squash is really taking off. You have lots of zucchini growing,” Nellie Oehler said. Oehler is an OSU Extension faculty member for Lane County.


NEW! Improving PowerPoint Slide Design, with Kimmy Hescock (TAC):  This webinar is intended to help instructors improve and beautify the visual look of their slide design in order to better support teaching and learning.  Mon., July 22, 11 to 11:50 a.m.  Register here: http://bit.ly/14SNQtG


Wellness Workshop: Sit Less, Move More: Learn about the Sit Less Move More campaign from the Department of RecSports. Take away some tips on being more active during the workday and a free pair of orange shoelaces. Bring your athletic shoes; workshop includes 20 minute walk. July 23, noon to 1 p.m., Dixon Lower Classroom, free to OSU community. Register here!

Library summer workshops: OSU Libraries will offer the Summer Workshop Week from July 23-26. Session topics include citation management, data management and survey software. Check out the full offerings and reserve your seat today:  http://bit.ly/graduate_workshops. Questions?  Contact Hannah.Rempel@oregonstate.edu


Work-Life brown bag: Achieving work-life balance in today’s higher educational environment can be challenging. This “brown-bag” session will identify strategies and tools for helping students, faculty and staff more effectively manage their many work-life demands. “Work Life Balance” will be offered twice for your convenience, and is open to all OSU Faculty and Staff.  Sessions will be held on July 24 and July 31 from noon-to 1:30 p.m. in GILB 324.

NEW! TAC Webinar:  Explore the new features within TurningPoint 5 (clickers), with Yousef Qassim.  We are upgrading to Turning Point 5 for Fall Term 2013. Join us for an hour introduction to the new features packed into Turning Point 5. Learn about the new combined receiver/flash drive, self-based examination, and more.  Wed., July 24, 3 to 3:50 p.m. Register here: http://bit.ly/14SNUJS

#beBEAVERBOLD Block Party: The Student Events & Activities Center and OSU Summer Session are partnering to provide community gatherings weekly through Aug 14. on Wednesday nights in Snell Hall International Forum. This event starts at 8:30 p.m. with 30 minutes of fun-music, performers, games, food, etc. followed by the showing of a feature MUvie. July 24: Oz the Great and Powerful.


NEW! SHS Executive Director candidate: The Search Committee would like to provide you the opportunity to meet the candidates for the Student Health Services Executive Director position. An open forum has been scheduled for the campus community which will include a 30-minute presentation followed by conversation. Mia Powers – Thursday, July 25, 2 to 3 p.m., Plageman 322.

NEW! Sustainable Living Clinic – Recycling: Do you ever wonder if you are putting the right plastics in the co-mingled container? Do you know options for recycling that can’t go out at curbside? Clear up the confusion over what is recyclable at the workplace and at home, and why it is so important to recycle properly. Drop in between noon and 4 p.m. July 25 at the Benton County Sunset Building, 4077 Research Way, Corvallis.

Upcoming events

NEW! Bard in the Quad: The Bard in the Quad series is back for its eighth summer of Shakespearean fare, with this year’s production showcasing the popular farce of mistaken identity and coincidence, “Comedy of Errors.” Set in a wild, contemporary city inspired by the outlandish worlds depicted in “The Jersey Shore,” “The Sopranos,” and “The Godfather,” performances of “Comedy of Errors” run Aug. 8-11 and 15-18 beginning at 7:30 p.m. in the Memorial Union Quad. Tickets are $15 for general admission, $10 for students and seniors, and $5 for OSU students. Tickets are available at http://oregonstate.edu/dept/theatre or call the OSU Theatre box office at 541-737-2784. This is an outdoor performance and no seating is provided. Patrons are encouraged to bring low lawn chairs and/or blankets. Seating begins at 6:30 p.m.

Retirement Reception for Jack Rogers: Open House, Aug. 6, 3:30 to 5 p.m. in the MU Lounge. Jack Rogers, OSU Director of Public Safety, announced he will retire as of Aug. 15, after more than 13 years as Director of Public Safety at OSU. Jack’s 42 years of public safety service includes five years on campus as the University Area Commander for the Oregon State Police, prior to joining OSU.

Beaver Community Fair 2013. Register your organization now for the Beaver Community Fair.  This year’s event will be held on Friday, Oct. 4, in the MU Quad.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to show off your organization and connect with new and returning OSU students. Registration is open and free for the OSU community. Register online at http://oregonstate.edu/seac/initiatives/bcf/.

Lectures and webinars

NEW! Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity at Oregon State University: Defining the Path Forward: OSU engaged in a comprehensive self-study of equity, inclusion, and diversity efforts university-wide during the 2011-2012 year. The result is a set of recommendations that will make OSU a model equitable, inclusive, and diverse university. Tuesday, July 30, 2-3:30 p.m., MU Joyce Powell Journey Room. Contact 541-737-3556 for accommodations.

NEW! Training Opportunity:  Preventing and Addressing Workplace Bullying.  Conflicts involving workplace bullying are some of the most challenging to address and manage effectively. Session participants will learn the process of bullying, its far-reaching effects and multiple dimensions, and options for effective intervention, assistance, and support. Session includes an introduction to OSU’s new policy on bullying.  This “brown-bag” session will be offered twice, and is open to all OSU Faculty and Staff.  Sessions will be held Aug. 7 and Aug. 14, from noon-1:30 p.m. in GILB 324.

Experiencing Wine: Lessons for the Enthusiastic Beginner: Elizabeth Tomasino, Assistant professor of Enology, OSU, is offering a four week summer program in wine evaluation and tasting. The program begins on July 30 in Wiegand 238 at 6:30 p.m.  Registration is $250, with a 10 percent discount for OSU faculty and staff.  For more information, please visit: http://owri.oregonstate.edu/featured-events. Preregistration is required.

News for Employees

NEW! Recreational Sports Half Term Membership: Purchase your Half-Term Recreational Sports membership today. Memberships are valid through Sept. 27. A Half-Term Membership costs only $41 for Faculty, Staff, Domestic Partners, Spouses and Dependents and $34 for Student Affiliates/Dependents. Contact Ali Casqueiro, Membership Coordinator, for more information.

NEW! Synergies newsletter: Learn what’s going on in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences by reading its latest edition of the monthly Synergies e-newsletter. This month’s features include a video highlighting Public Health Assistant Professor Molly Kile’s research studying health effects of arsenic exposure in contaminated water in Bangladesh, the LIFE Registry – what it is and who it benefits, a video highlighting National Public Health Week events and features on Nutrition and Public Health Associate Professor Norm Hord and Hallie Ford Administrative Assistant Patty Jackson. http://bit.ly/13e4Fka

NEW! Call to Artists: Crater Lake Experience International Art Show: A Juried Art Show Presented by Giustina Gallery and Clark Studios. Artists are encouraged to submit one to three pieces of art created in the last year based on the “Crater Lake experience.” All art forms will be considered but will be expected to be presented in a professional manner ready for display and available for sale. Pieces should remain under 48 inches in any direction and state if artwork is 3D or requires special mounting. Deliver art by July 26. For more information: 541-737-2402.

NEW! Cancer Prevention Study-3:  Fight back against cancer by joining the American Cancer Society’s historic research study called the Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3).   You can help researchers from OSU and around the country better understand the genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that cause or prevent cancer, which will ultimately save lives.  The study takes place Sept 17-20, and is open to anyone who is willing to make a long term commitment to the study (20-30 years of periodic follow up surveys), is between 30-65 years of age, and has never been diagnosed with cancer.  Go to www.cps3corvallis.org or the above video link for information on how to participate.

XPress Stop – Mailing Services: The Bookstore’s Post Office substation will close on July 31. However, Printing and Mailing Services (P&M) will open an XPress Stop in the MU at the end of July. The XPress Stop will provide an array of mailing and quick copy services to the OSU community in a centralized, convenient location. The goal is to seamlessly transition the Bookstore’s mailing services to the new XPress Stop with minimal inconvenience to customers. If the opening of the XPress Stop is delayed for any reason, utilize P&M’s mailing services at 100 Cascade Hall in the interim. More information on the grand opening of P&M’s XPress Stop is coming soon. Contact Lindsay.middleton@oregonstate.edu with questions.

Science communication survey: All those interested in science communication professional development, please take 5 minutes to fill out a OSU SciComm survey and help us plan for next year’s events: http://blogs.oregonstate.edu/sciencecommunicators/?p=80

An Integrative, Family-Based Approach to Childhood Obesity: Presentation by David Ludwig, MD, Ph.D., Harvard University, on the Linus Pauling Institute blog, from the series Whole-Food Approaches to Disease Prevention.

Search Advocate Workshop: Learn how to work with OSU search committees to enhance the quality of search and selection efforts. Participants who complete Sessions I and II will be eligible to serve as advocates on OSU search committees. Session I will be held on July 30 and Session II on Aug 1, each from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. Visit the Professional Development website, http://oregonstate.edu/training, for more details and to register.

Beaver Community Fair 2013. Register your organization now for the Beaver Community Fair.  This year’s event will be held on Friday, Oct. 4, in the MU Quad.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to show off your organization and connect with new and returning OSU students!  Registration is open and free for the OSU community.  Register online at http://oregonstate.edu/seac/initiatives/bcf/.

Cats Needed for Hyperthyroid Study: The OSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital is currently recruiting untreated cats with hyperthyroidism to participate in a study on CT imaging of the thyroid gland. Participating cats will receive free CT imaging and a consultation with an Internist. For more information, contact Jen Bush at bushj@onid.orst.edu or the Small Animal Clinic: 541-737-4812.

NSF – Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections (ADBC) Letters of Intent: The Research Office, Incentive Programs is requesting letters of intent for the NSF – ADBC program. The program seeks to enhance and expand the national resource of digital data documenting existing vouchered biological and paleontological collections and to advance scientific knowledge by improving access to digitized information. Guidelines: http://oregonstate.edu/research/incentive/nsf-adbc. Information: Debbie Delmore. Submission Deadline: Aug. 12.

Fall 2013 On-campus Housing Move-In:  This coming Fall 2013 move-in for the residence halls and co-operative houses will take place on Tuesday Sept. 24 and Wednesday Sept. 25. Much of campus will experience some impact including limited parking, street closures, and other delays. A taskforce is meeting monthly to evaluate these impacts and help reduce disruption to campus activities at those times. As always, we appreciate your support as we prepare to welcome our students to OSU.  To see the Housing Move In schedule please visit: http://oregonstate.edu/uhds/move-in-guide.  Move in details are soon coming and if you have questions please contact Brian.Stroup@oregonstate.edu

Traffic and Maintenance

Jefferson Way: The westbound lane of Jefferson Way will be closed at Sackett from July 22-25 for underground utility work.

Snell Hall: Due to scheduled meter replacement water services to Snell Hall will be temporarily shut down on July 23, 8 to 9:30 a.m., while the City of Corvallis replaces the building water meter located on the NE side of the building.  This will only affect the tallest portion of the building (seven story side).  All sinks and restrooms will be affected in this area of the building.

Washington Ave: Due to construction of new water, sewer, and storm lines for the new student resident hall, Washington Ave will be closed through July 26.

Sackett Place Road: Due to the installation of steam, telecom and electrical underground for Austin Hall, Sackett Place Road will be closed through Sept. 6, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Withycombe Hall driveway and north parking lot: Due to the construction of  accessible parking, ramps, raised crossing across the driveway, landscaping, and upgraded entrance to the north side of Withycombe, the south bay of the west portion of the parking lot north of the building will be closed. July 2-Aug. 20, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.


To apply for the below positions, visit http://jobs.oregonstate.edu unless otherwise specified:

Finance and Accounting Manager – Auxiliaries & Activities Business Center invites applications for a full-time, 12-month, Finance and Accounting Manager position. Posting #0011004. Closes July 22.

Analyst Programmer, Competency Level 2 –International Student Advising and Services invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month, Analyst Programmer, Competency Level 2 position. Posting #0011053. Closes July 23.

Grants/Contracts Coordinator — The College of Forestry Research Office invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE) Grants/Contracts Coordinator position.  Posting #0011021.  Closes July 26.

The Department of Public Safety at Oregon State University is seeking applicants for two Public Safety Officers.  These are permanent full time positions.  Posting # 0011001. Closes July 26.

Assignments and Room Management Coordinator: University Housing & Dining Services. Posting # 0010959. Closes July 28.

Assistant to the School Director in the School of Writing, Literature, and Film.  Posting # 0011010. For full consideration, apply by July 19.  Closes July 31.

The office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (SCCS) is accepting applications for a full-time Administrative Program Specialist. This is a classified position. Posting #0011029. Closes July 31.

Academic Advisor- The College of Public Health and Human Sciences invites applications for a full-time, 12-month, fixed-term Academic Advisor position.. Posting # 0010945. For full consideration apply by July 12. Closes July 31.

Academic Advisor- The College of Public Health and Human Sciences invites applications for a full-time, 12-month, fixed-term Academic Advisor position. Posting # 0010948. For full consideration apply by July 12. Closes July 31.

Oregon State University, Campus Operations, is seeking an Associate Director of Facilities and Maintenance. This is a full-time, 12-month position ranging from $95,000-$110,000/year + benefits. Posting #001055. Closes Aug. 2.

Food Service Worker 2 – University Housing & Dining Services (UHDS) invites applications for three full-time, 10 month, Food Service Worker 2 positions.  Posting # 0011050.  Closing date is Aug 5.

Editorial, Design, and Production Manager at OSU Press – The University Library invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month, Editorial, Design, and Production Manager position. Posting #0011035, Closes Aug. 12.

The Department of Forest Engineering, Resources and Management at Oregon State University invites applications for a full-time, 9-month, Associate/Full Professor (Tenure/Tenure-Track) in Forest Operations.  Posting #0010905.  For full consideration, apply by July 31. Closes Aug. 31.

AmeriCorps Financial Literacy Educator (St. Helens) – The Columbia County OSU Extension Service Office invites applications for a full-time 11-month AmeriCorps Position.  This fun, community service position will provide education and information to youth and adults on basic money management, goal setting, and other important life skills.  For more information and instructions on applying please see our local website: http://extension.oregonstate.edu/columbia/  Open until filled.

The OSU Foundation has a job opportunity for a Receptionist at the Corvallis Office.  This position will serve as first contact between Foundation employees and their callers and visitors and will provide excellent customer service to donors, visitors, special guests, and Foundation staff.


Corvallis: Without a cloud in the sky, it will be easy to enjoy tonight’s full moon, and we’ll see sunny skies and highs in the mid 80s all week, with lows dipping to around 55 each night.

Central Oregon: Hot this week with highs in the upper 90s and lows dipping into the 50s. Slight chance of thunderstorms Wednesday.

Newport: Cloudy at the coast this week with highs in the low 60s and lows in the 50s.

Statewide: For OSU employees around the state, find your local forecast here: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/pqr/

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