Agility Robotics, which was spun out of Oregon State University in early 2017, is building robots that can traverse any terrain, from rocky hillside to sidewalks. Its first product, Cassie, has found work at half a dozen research institutions. The Albany, Oregon-based company, which will close its Series A in early 2018, envisions the bot eventually being used for everything from deliveries to facility inspections to hazardous search-and-rescue operations.

This multibillion-dollar corporation is controlled by a penniless yoga superstar (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Credited with launching a yoga revival in India, he’s sometimes compared by Westerners to Richard Simmons or Jane Fonda. But his impact is more substantive. Stuart Ray Sarbacker, a professor of comparative religion at Oregon State University who’s studied Ramdev’s career, calls him “the most prominent face of yoga in the entire nation.”

Molecular motor mystery solved: Novel protein rounds out plant cells’ machinery (R&D Magazine)

A research team led by an Oregon State University biophysicist and a plant biologist from University of California, Davis has discovered a novel motor protein that significantly expands current understanding of the evolution and design principle of motor proteins.