Assigned Allowable Space Report

Guidelines for Space Allocation/Moving

Guidelines for Space Standards

Space Policies

Processes and Forms

  • The Request for Space Process Diagram provides a flowchart of the process for space reallocation when a Request for Space is received. All Requests for Space are submitted to Facilities Services.
  • Request for Space: Submit the form to Facilities Services. Campus Planning staff will contact the unit notifying them that the request for space has been received.
    • Every effort will be made to expedite the requests for space.
    • Requests involving multiple units may take longer than those involving a single unit.
    • If the recommended outcome meets the needs of the requesting party and is agreed to by other affected units, approval of the recommendation is automatic. Should the University Space Committee make a recommendation that is not accepted, then the Provost and Vice President will have final approving authority.


Classroom Space Committee - The Classroom Committee, a sub-committee of the University Space Committee, was formed to develop processes and procedures for the scheduling of and improvements to University (General Purpose) classrooms.

The membership of this committee is determined by the University Space Committee in consultation with the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. The Center for Teaching and Learning, Registrar's Office, Disability Access Services and the Associated Student Body of OSU will have ongoing representation and will also usually serve on the University Space Committee.


Classroom Committee Report 4/11/12

Classroom Committee Annual Report

Click here for a list of the Classroom Committee Members

More Information

Questions about the process for requesting space can be directed to Jean Duffett at jean.duffett@oregonstate.edu in Capital Planning and Development.  Early contact is encouraged and is especially important when mulitple units are involved and whenever large projects are being considered.