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OSURA promotes continuing collegial ties among all OSU retirees and between retirees and the University community by providing opportunities for ongoing intellectual growth, social interaction and service to the University.

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OSU Trivia Question:

Buena Margason Maris Mockmore Steinmetz - say it fast three times - was a notable Extension faculty member and Dean of Women at OSU (then OSC) between 1939 and 1953.  Her first husband, who was killed in a bicycle accident in 1933, had made an important earlier contribution to the college while studying toward his master’s degree in agriculture at what was then OAC.  What was his contribution?


Answer:  Buena’s first husband was Homer Maris.  He earned an MS degree in Agriculture from OAC in 1918.  While he was a student, Maris composed the words to Carry Me Back, the song that became OSU’s alma mater.  

2014-15 OSURA Board Members

2014-15 OSURA Board Members

Back row: Tony Van Vliet, Gordon Reistad, Jack Walstad, Roy Arnold, Sue Borden, Tom McClintock, Barbara Moon and Cheryl Lyons.

Fron row: Tom Savage, Jack Drexler, Shelly Signs, Dave Chilcote, Mary Alice Seville, Helen Polensek, Gerry Olson and Terri Tower.

2013-14 OSURA Board Members

2012 OSURA Board

Left to Right: Tom Savage, Gordon Reistad, Tony Van Vliet, Roy Arnold, Sue Borden, Barbara Moon, Carol Kronstad, Dave Chilcote, Gerry Olson, Terri Tower, Jack Drexler, Helen Polensek, Cheryl Lyons, and Kelly DiCristina

Not pictured: Jim Krueger, Tom McClintock


2012-13 OSURA Board Members

2012 OSURA Board


Back Row: Kate Sanders (former office manager), Roy Arnold, Cheryl Lyons, Terri Tower, Jim Krueger, Dave Chilcote, Carroll DeKock, Tom McClintock, Mary Ann Roberts
Front Row:
Helen Polensek, Gerry Olson, Carol Kronstad, Sue Borden, and Tom Savage.
Not pictured: Tony VanVliet and Gordon Reistad.


2011-12 OSURA Board Members

2012 OSURA Board Members

2011-2012 Board Members (Pictured from left to right)

Back row:  Tom McClintock, John Block, Erin Haynes
Middle row:
Dave Chilcote, Carol Kronstad, Helen Polensek, Terri Tower, Jim Krueger, Mary Ann Roberts, Tom Savage and Carroll DeKock
Front row: Kate Sanders, Gerry Olson, Steve Clark (VP of University Relations and Marketing), Susan Poole and Caitlin Flynn
Not pictured: Gideon Alegado



2010-11 OSURA Board

2010 OSURA Board

2010-2011 Board Members (Pictured from left to right)
Back row:  Shelly Signs, Terri Tower, Gary Tiedeman, Helen Polensek, Carroll DeKock, Jim Krueger, Carol Kronstad, John Block, Erin Haynes
Front row: Susan Poole, Todd Simmons, Jo Anne Trow, Gerry Olson
Not pictured: Gideon Alegado, Tom McClintock, Kate Sanders

2009-2010 OSURA Board

OSURA Board Members

2009-2010 Board Members (Pictured from left to right)
Back row:  Jim Krueger, John Block, Erin Haynes, Terri Tower, Bill Smart, Curt McCann, Kate Sanders.
Front row: Luanne Lawrence, Susan Poole, Helen Polensek, Carol Kronstad, Jo Anne Trow, Gideon Alegado.
Not pictured: Gary Tiedeman

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