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4th of July Weekend is "Business as Usual" for the Thrift Shop! 

Come shop with us during our normal Friday AND Saturday SUMMER HOURS, July 3 and 4.   

The Thrift Shop SUMMER HOURS are in effect June 16, 2015.  Click the "Thrift Shop" tab above for specific times.

About Us:

The OSU Folk Club, founded in 1908, is an organization of current or former OSU women employees, wives/female partners of OSU employees and workers at the OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop who are united in friendship and service.  The Folk Club offers various programs during the year and informative serminars that are open to guests.  We also have interest groups--Antiques and History, Adventures in Dining, Menuettes and several Book Clubs.  Our periodic newsletter, the Fanfare, keeps our members informed of these activities. 

Many of our members volunteer at the OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop.  The OSU Folk Club owns and operates the OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop at 144 NW 2nd Street in downtown Corvallis. The shop was started in 1949 by Betty Slegel in the basements of Dot Butts MacGregor and Martha Mumford.  Today, OSU and the community continue to benefit from the thousands of volunteer hours put in at the Thrift Shop by Folk Club members.  We consign and sell a great variety of second-hand items such as clothing, toys, house wares, hardware, bikes and small furniture.  Please come visit our shop!  We can help you furnish your apartment or house or dress your family at a very reasonable cost.  Our merchandise comes from consignments and donations.

Would you like to volunteer? If you fit the membership eligibility criteria below, click here for Thrift Shop Volunteer Application! 


Eligibility for Membership:  Please note new membership criteria

Membership in the OSU Folk Club shall be open to all current or former OSU women employees, wives/female partners of OSU employees and workers at the OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop.  

If interested in membership, plase contact Carol Kronstad, vice president kronstc@comcast.net


Annual dues:

Our annual dues are $20 and payable to our 2013-2014 treasurer:  Mary Ann Matzke

The OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop Foundation:

The OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization which awards scholarships totaling approximately $58,000 per year to students attending Oregon State University and grants totaling $35,000 per year to non-profit organizations in Benton County, Oregon. These are made possible by proceeds from the OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop and by donations from individuals or organizations. 

The OSU Folk Club and the Thrift Shop have offered scholarships every year since 1930 and the first grants were given in 1949.  A list of scholarships and grants awarded in 2013 will be available through a link on this site soon. 

Donations which will help continue these efforts may be sent to:  OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop Foundation, 144 NW 2nd St., Corvallis, OR 97330.


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