OreCal Issues Briefs:

  • Could a calorie tax or cuts in farm subsidies reduce obesity? (Alston et al) pdf
  • What would happen if the Conservation Reserve Program were reduced? (Wu & Weber) pdf
  • What Happens to Exports as Domestic Agricultural Policy Changes? (Reimer) pdf
  • How Do Alternative Designs of Payments for Ecosystem Services Affect Different Interest Groups? (Wu) pdf
  • What is the Role of Crop Insurance for "Specialty" Crops? (Lee and Sumner) pdf
  • How does the Food Safety Modernization Act Affect Farms and Food Marketing Firms? (Bovay and Sumner) pdf
  • How Does Domestic Food Assistance Affect Rural and Urban Household Incomes? (Weber and Lewin) pdf

Selected Recent Publications by OreCal Researchers:

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