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People Know Not What They Eat

Public Perceptions of Genetically Engineered Foods

Human ecologist William Hallman explains how people make up their minds, and how their choices impact individuals, communities, and the environment.

7:00p Thursday 12 Oct 2006, Oregon State University

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Bill Hallman

Bill Hallman is an Associate Professor in the Department of Human Ecology and an Associate Director of the Food Policy Institute at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. In a project that involves more than 30 investigators and graduate students from diverse disciplines across multiple institutions, Hallman is studying consumer perceptions of food biotechnology – especially GE foods.

In his Food for Thought lecture, Bill points out that it’s human nature not to let being uninformed stand in the way of having an opinion, and explores the effects and impacts of human food choices on the environment and on individuals and communities.

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