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Freezing the Footprint of Agriculture While Feeding 9 Billion People

Freezing the Footprint of Agriculture

Feeding 9 Billion People

Jason Clay, Senior VP at World Wildlife Fund, discussed how to grow more food without turning more land over to agricultural production.

7:00p Wednesday 19 Nov 2009, Oregon State University

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Jason Clay ran a family farm, taught at Harvard and Yale, worked at the US Department of Agriculture and spent more than 25 years working with human rights and environmental organizations before joining the World Wildlife Fund in 1999. Now, as Senior Vice President of Market Transformation at WWF, Clay influences the way governments, foundations, researchers, and NGOs identify and address risks and opportunities for their work.  He brings people together to improve environmentally sensitive practices in agriculture and aquaculture.

In his Food for Thought lecture, Jason focuses on creating global standards for producing and processing raw materials from plants, particularly in terms of carbon dioxide emissions and water use.

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