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Meet the Board!

Board members were voted by the OPA community and began their term July 2013. 

The new Board will work hard to ensure OPA provides you with support and opportunities during your postdoctoral experience.

Please never hesitate to contact us with ideas, suggestions, or concerns.

President - Rebecca Hutchinson:  Rebecca is a Postdoctoral Fellow with mentors in both Computer Science (Tom Dietterich) and Forest Ecosystems and Society (Matt Betts).  Briefly stated, her research develops new machine learning methods for problems in ecology like species distribution modeling (more info at www.engr.oregonstate.edu/~rah).  Rebecca holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and a B.S.E. from Bucknell University.  She started her first postdoc at OSU in 2009, and transitioned from a Postdoctoral Scholar to a Postdoctoral Fellow in 2012 when she received an NSF SEES (Science, Engineering, and Education for Sustainability) Fellowship.  Rebecca served on the 2012-2013 OPA board as Committee Coordinator before taking on the Chair position for 2013-2014. 


Vice-President - Yasmeen Maisha Nkrumah-Elie: Yasmeen Maisha Nkrumah-Elie, PhD is an NIEHS Postdoctoral Training Fellow in the labs of Drs. Emily Ho and Robert Tanguay through the Environmental Health Sciences Center. She started her postdoctoral training at OSU in October of 2012 and research involves identifying biomarkers of zinc deficiency, evaluating the susceptibility to environmental toxins during zinc deficiency and zinc depletion, and developing metabolome models for nutritional deficiencies and environmental exposures. Yasmeen received her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, specializing in Environmental Toxicology and her BS in Biological and Agricultural Systems Engineering, both from Florida A&M University. She is a member of the Society of Toxicology, American Society for Nutrition, and the National Postdoctoral Association. She is the proud wife of fellow postdoc, Marc Elie, and their two sons Xavi and Khalil.


Secretary - Sumit Saha: Sumit is currently working as a Postdoctoral Scholar at the Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry, a National Science Foundation Center for Chemical Innovation at the Department of Chemistry, Oregon State University. Sumit earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Miami, Florida in Nov. 2013. During his graduate studies at the University of Miami, Sumit served as Graduate Student Association Vice President and Media Relations Officer. He received the “Excellence in Education” Award, “Lifetime Teaching Assistant” Award, and the prestigious “Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges” Award from the University of Miami. He is a member of American Chemical Society and National Postdoctoral Association. Sumit is very excited to be a part of the Executive Board of OSU Postdoctoral Association and looks forward to serve the OSU postdoc community.

 photo of Sumit Saha

Treasurer - David Dickson: David earned his PhD in Biological & Ecological Engineering here at OSU in 2011, studying hydrogen production in cyanobacteria. He completed a 1-year appointment as a postdoctoral scholar on the same project before starting his current position as Academic Advisor and Internship Coordinator in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences in July 2012.


Professional Development Coordinator - Jim Rivers: I am currently a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society where I study the influence of environmental change on the behavior and physiology on vertebrates. Throughout my career I have enjoyed being involved in leadership activities, which has included positions that have involved funding, planning, and executing activities for student and early professional groups at both national and international conferences.

 headshot of Jim Rivers

Webmaster & Public Relations Coodinator - Sascha Hallett: I'm based in the department of Microbiology, where I study fish parasites (identify, describe, determine life cycles and develop molecular-based diagnostic methods). I undertook all my tertiary studies at the University of Queensland, Australia then was awarded an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship to pursue my research in Munich, Germany for two years. I came to OSU in 2003 to do my second international postdoc, and continue to enjoy life and science here (I'm now a Research Associate). My time here has spanned significant changes in the postdoctoral community (there is one now!) and I have benefited from the professional development workshops and other activites offered recently. Thus, I'd like to give a little back to the community and offer to be Webmaster for the OPA. I am familiar with Drupal (OSU's CMS) and as part of my position I create and maintain webpages for our lab. To have a look at what I've done online, come visit me at:http://microbiology.science.oregonstate.edu/content/sascha-hallett


Industrial Exploration Program Coordinator - Linnéa Andersson: Linnéa arrived in Oregon a year and a half ago from Sweden and works as a post-doctoral fellow in Environmental Engineering, studying geological carbon sequestration. As a Public Relations Coordinator, Linnéa will work to increase the awareness of OPA both on-campus and off-campus, with a particular emphasis on outreach to potential employers in the nearby region. During Linnéa’s PhD she served as a vice-chair for the PhD council and on various committees at the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry at Stockholm University, Sweden, as well as a chair for the Empowerment Network at Stockholm University. In her spare time Linnéa enjoys hiking small and tall mountains in the nearby region as well as watching her garden grow.


Membership & Volunteer Coordinator - Donelle (Doni) Schwalm: I am in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife; I am working with Clint Epps on a vulnerability assessment of American pika populations in 8 national parks; Our research involves modeling the impact of global climate change on pika populations in each park, focusing on changing occupancy, gene flow and metapopulation dynamic patterns.

 Headshot of Doni Schwalm

Social Activities Coordinator - Robert Kokenyesi: I am a graduate of Oregon State University in the Field of Materials Science, and currently hold a Post-doc Scholar position in the Chemistry Department. In our research we seek to maximize the functionality of semiconductor materials, currently focusing on materials for photovoltaic application. In the Committee Chair position I plan to work with committee members the Executive Board to facilitate the success of OPA undertakings, and get to know and serve the OSU post-doc community.

 headshot of Robert Kokenyesi

2012 - 2013 Board Members

  • Siba Das [siba.das AT oregonstate.edu], Chair. Environmental and Molecular Toxicology Department.
  • Michelle Kappes [michelle.kappes AT oregonstate.edu], Vice-Chair. Fisheries and Wildlife Department.
  • Kerry Grimm [kerry.grimm AT oregonstate.edu], Secretary. College of Forestry.
  • David Haim [david.haim AT oregonstate.edu], Treasurer. Department of Forest Engineering, Resources and Management.
  • Rebecca Hutchinson [rah AT eecs.oregonstate.edu], Committee Coordinator. School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
  • David Dickson [david.dickson AT oregonstate.edu], Grants Coordinator. College of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciencies.
  • Julie Alexander [alexanju AT science.oregonstate.edu], Membership Coordinator. Microbiology Department.
  • Linnéa Andersson [linnea.andersson AT oregonstate.edu], Public Relations Coordinator. School of Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering.
  • Guillermo M. Díaz Méndez [guillermo.diaz AT oregonstate.edu], Webmaster. School of Civil and Construction Engineering.





























































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