OSU Postdoc stats

Stats and metrics about us!

This compilation of statistics is a courtesy of Barb Bond, the director of the Office of Postdoctoral Programs.

    About a year ago, the OPP and OPA agreed to define the postdoctoral community at OSU in its broadest sense as those people who have earned PhD’s or similar advanced degrees and hold non-professorial positions.  We know that Research Associates are not actually postdocs, but they have many similarities, interests and concerns as postdocs, so it makes sense to include Research Associates in the communications to and about postdocs. We’re compiling information about the postdoctoral community to share with funding agencies, administrators, and potential employers and we thought you might like to see what this information looks like.  Keep in mind that yours is a very dynamic community, so this is just a snapshot as of May, 2012

For an updated report (prepared January 2013), please click here.

Postdoc categories at OSU Postdoc distribution at OSU

    There are currently about 300 people in one of OSU’s five non-professorial job categories (left) that require PhDs. Their distribution along the OSU campus is shown to the right. In addition to the above, there are many PhD-holding employees in other job categories that do not explicitly require PhD’s (including some Instructors and Faculty Research Assistants) – but we don’t have any straightforward way to keep track of those people so they are not included in these figures.

For detailed & up to date statistics, please contact Barb Bond at the OPP.