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OSU Postdoc Appreciation Week (OPAW) 2013

OSU Postdoc Appreciation Week

October 28 - November 1, 2013

The OPP and OPA with support from the Graduate School will be hosting the following activities for all OSU Postdocs:

1. Monday 10/28 (5-9pm @ Laughing Planet): Fundraiser/social event for postdocs at Laughing Planet.  Everyone is welcome to join us at this downtown café Monday evening. 20% of the profits will go to the OPA to fund future events.


2. Tuesday 10/29 (12:00-2:00pm @ RICH 115): Tax seminar for postdocs and grad students sponsored by the OPP.

Postdocs and Graduate Students often face complex and confusing tax challenges – especially those who are international or in “trainee” employment categories.  Robert White from HR Block has generously offered to meet with Postdocs and Grad Students to help address some of these issues.  The workshop is free and lunch will be provided, but you must register in advance.  The presenter would appreciate it if you’d share two tax questions in advance so that he can be prepared to answer them. 

Use this link to register and share your questions:    https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rT-ZcZ0UzKi_jRhyoU5VOFTncVdLQpKvl0rEB3DAGhA/viewform

3. Wednesday 10/30 (2:30-6:30pm @ MU Ballroom): Postdoc Poster Session and vendor show. OSU postdocs will show case their research to the campus community. Light refreshments provided (wine from 5pm). All welcome.

From Barbara Bond, OPP: This is the “REALLY SPECIAL” event of OPAW and will be 4:30-6:30 in the Memorial Union (MU) Ballroom.  Poster setup starts at 2:30.  Snacks and soft drinks will be available throughout the poster session, and bar service for beer and wine will open at 5:00.  This was a truly wonderful event last year and we have every expectation that it will be even better this year, but the success depends on YOU. As many of you as possible need to share posters that showcase your research.  It is fine to ‘recycle’ posters you’ve used previously, but remember that most people in the audience will not have expertise in your field so it is best either to choose a poster that is aimed at a broad audience or to be prepared to offer a lot of explanations!  Another important ingredient for success is to invite your supervisors, lab mates, and other faculty and administrators in your unit.  This is a FREE event and open to everyone who is interested in the research that postdocs are doing. 

Please use the link below to sign up to attend and bring a poster.  If you absolutely can’t bring a poster, please sign up and come anyway. 



4. Friday 11/1 (5-6pm @ Bomb's Away Café): Peers & Beers - wrap up the week by joining other postdocs for this regular event on Monroe Street Friday evening.  


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