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Sexual Harassment Prevention


The Office of Equal Opportunity and Acccess's sexual harassment prevention educational program is designed to enable OSU employees to identify sexual harassment behaviors, respond appropriately if they occur, and prevent such behaviors in the future.  Our office has been entrusted with the responsibility of providing sexual harassment prevention programming to all OSU employees through a mandate from the State Board of Higher Education.  Although compliance is one of the goals of this program, our larger goal is the creation of a working and learning environment that is inclusive.  Increasing the knowledge and awareness we each have about harassment helps to achieve our larger goal of an inclusive environment.

Sexual Harassment Prevention / Sexual Violence Trainings

Thank you for your interest in our prevention programs.  Please note, that you may request an in person training or you may avail yourself of the video trainings below.  We are able to tailor the in person trainings to your specific needs and participants.  If you’d like more information about an in person training, please contact Equal.Opportunity@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-3972.

Sexual Harassment
Prevention Training Part 1

Sexual Harassment
Prevention Training Part 2
Sexual Harassment
Prevention Training Part 3
Sexual Harassment
Prevention Training Part 4

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