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Thank you for your interest in becoming a PROMISE intern. To learn more about the program, please read the Frequently Asked Questions section below, and contact Charlene Martinez with any additional questions about the program. If you have questions about the application and/or the process please contact Binh Le.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of PROMISE?

  • To promote the retention and success of students, particularly those from historically under-represented groups,
  • To encourage interns to see university and public employment as a potential career path,
  • To provide personal and professional development through a cohort model of learning,
  • To enhance the diversity of applicant pools for the employment opportunities with state and local government agencies, and,
  • To develop globally responsible leaders

What are the benefits of PROMISE? 

You will gain valuable paid work experience through placement at an internship site, and you will enhance your personal and professional skills and knowledge through learning opportunities throughout the summer.  The skills and competencies you will learn will support your ability to be competitive in the professional workforce.

You will also be part of a cohort of interns who will become an important part of your professional network. It is expected that interns will emerge from the program ready to navigate the employment process, be well connected, and be confident in the workplace.

Interns are paid $4,000 (before applicable taxes) for work 40 hours per week for ten weeks.

Who can apply to be an intern?

Internships are available to OSU undergraduate students who are or will be enrolled for spring term, who have completed at least 90 undergraduate credits, and who have a current cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. Preference will be given to first time applicants. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Interns are expected to work a full 40-hour week for ten consecutive weeks.  Please do not apply for this program if you are unable to make this full-time commitment.

How does the application process work?

Submit your full application package by March 24, 2015. Interviews with sponsors will be scheduled April. PROMISE is a competitive program. Applicants are encouraged to submit their complete application packet prior to the deadline.

Where are the internships?

Many of the internships are located on the OSU Corvallis campus in various departments and units. There are also some located in governmental agencies and offices in the local area. Interns are also often placed in OSU Extension Service programs in the local area.

What are the projects like?

There is a wide variety of opportunities. Here are summaries of the current proposed projects from PROMISE mentors/supervisors. Be sure to clearly articulate your knowledge, skills, abilities and interests, and we will connect you with sponsors and internships that will utilize your strengths.

What will the summer look like?

Your day-to-day work will vary depending on your internship site and the nature of your specific project; however, all interns are expected to work 40-hours per week over the course of the ten-week internship.

Additionally, a critical component of the program is the robust professional development opportunities available for interns throughout the summer. Attendance and participation are a crucial component of the overall experience and interns are required to attend weekly scheduled professional development events. Events occur during the regular workday and attendance counts toward your 40-hour work week.  Given the demands of the internship, students participating in PROMISE are allowed to register for no more than 5 quarter hours of for-credit classes during Summer Term. Classes must be scheduled outside of normal business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).

How do I apply?

Be sure to have a current resume outlining your work and/or volunteer experience, your education, and your skills to attach in the application.  In addition, include a typed, single-spaced cover letter no longer than two pages answering the following:

  • Your interest in participating in this program (hint: read the program goals and expectations on our website)
  • Reflect and articulate your awareness of your multiple dimensions of identity (race/ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, class status, age, etc…)
  • The strengths and experiences you can offer an internship site
  • Describe your readiness for a full-time paraprofessional experience and commitment to personal growth (hint: evidence of project completion, ability to meet deadlines, etc...)
  • Career or educational goals you wish to highlight

Please also include two references (professional, academic, and non-family) in the application who can speak about your abilities and skills.

Thank you for your interest, the deadline to apply to be a PROMISE Intern has passed.

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