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PROMISE Application - Sponsorship




Attach a statement articulating how your organization and/or the project meets the goals and mission of PROMISE, and your commitment to developing and mentoring leaders, particularly those from historically under-represented communities.

Attach a description of the internship project, a summary of the job duties the intern will be performing, and a list of qualifications required to perform the job duties, including software proficiencies needed.

The internship project is a limited‐duration project of a professional, managerial, or technical nature. The project must occupy the full 10‐week internship period at 40 hours per week. The intern will be required to participate in weekly luncheon forums and network groups. The intern will also be required to prepare and make an oral presentation and participate in a poster galleria at OSU at the end of the internship period.

Salary and other personnel expenses:
The cost of the internship salary and other personnel expenses is $4,300. Interns are not eligible to receive health benefits. OSU departments and programs may request that up to half of the total cost be subsidized by the PROMISE program; the balance will be charged to the departmental index. Please note that salary and other personnel expenses will be charged in both FY14 (June) and FY15 (July and August). Agencies outside of OSU will pay $4,300 to PROMISE.

$ (Not to exceed $2,150)

Additional costs:
The PROMISE program will pay for costs associated with required professional development, including but not limited to, meals at weekly meetings, supplies for poster session, portfolios, etc. Sponsors should expect to incur some related services and supplies costs associated with having an intern.

I have reviewed and accept the PROMISE Program requirements as outlined above.

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