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Waiver of the Regular Search Process


Oregon State University’s competitive search requirements limit the circumstances under which an unclassified waiver of search may be considered.  When consideration of non-competitive appointment is possible, the following criteria and procedures apply:


The Executive Director of the Office of Equity and Inclusion or his/her designee may authorize a waiver of the regular search process for an unclassified position when:

1)    an emergency exists;

2)    an individual is uniquely qualified for a position;

3)    a recent search reveals the lack of a qualified pool of candidates; or

4)    other compelling reasons exist.

Decisions to waive the regular search procedures are made on a case-by-case basis.  In determining the appropriateness of a waiver, the OEI also considers whether or not the waiver would result in a hire that supports Oregon State University’s affirmative action goals and its policy of being responsive to dual career couples.


Consult the Unclassified Flowchart - Determining whether a non-competitive hire may be requested; if a non-competitive hire may be an option, initiate an “Establish a New Position and Fill” or “Update and Fill” action using the online Position Descriptions and Recruiting System http://jobs.oregonstate.edu/hr.  The system user guide for “Submitting a Non-Competitive Search” includes instructions to attach a document explaining the reason(s) you are requesting waiver of the standard search process.  In this document, please:

  1. provide detailed reason(s) for the request to waive the search (see criteria above);
  2. discuss any other options you considered, including reasons for rejecting them;
  3. describe how proposed appointee’s qualifications meet the university’s diversity hiring criterion of a demonstrable commitment to promoting and enhancing diversity (see http://oregonstate.edu/leadership/president/implementation-guide);
  4. indicate race/ethnicity and gender of the proposed appointee;
  5. if the proposed appointee will be assistant, associate, or professor (regardless of tenure status), document faculty support for the appointment;
  6. if the proposed appointment is a senior research assistant, associate, or full professor, address the requirement that such faculty be paid entirely or primarily from research grants or contracts (see http://oregonstate.edu/facultystaff/handbook/facranks.html);
  7. provide name(s) and contact information for the person or person(s) to contact  with questions about the rationale for the proposed waiver.

The requesting unit may begin written, electronic, or phone discussion with OEI about the proposed action at any time before or after the action is initiated in the online Position Descriptions and Recruiting System. OEI will issue a final decision about the request after the “establish/update and fill request” is approved by the Unit Contact/Manager, the Dean/VP, and the HR Officer through the online system. 


(Revised 30 September 2015)

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