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Self-Study and External Review Results

Self-Study and External Review Results

Dimension Overarching Goal Self-Study Key Themes External Review Recommendations

1: Institutional
and Individual

A robust capacity to plan, implement, and evaluate comprehensive equity,
inclusion, and diversity

  • Vision
  • Commitment & accountability
  • Comprehensive approach
  • Engagement
  • Individual & collective capacity
  • Workforce diversity
  • Prioritize faculty hiring & retention
  • Define diversity as inclusive, but differentiated
  • Build human capacity & leadership
  • Align budgeting with diversity goals
  • Ensure consistent communication
  • Develop metrics for accountability & monitoring
  • Establish Chief Diversity Officer position
  • Establish advisory group
  • Ensure diversity is central to mission & a core function of leaders
2: Education, Scholarship,
and Outreach
The university's education,
scholarship, and outreach
efforts incorporate equity,
inclusion, and diversity
content and perspectives
  • Curricular & co-curricular content & opportunities
  • Collaborative & dynamic research
  • Outreach
  • Multicultural co-curricular experiences
  • Develop curriculum
3: Access and
Equality in access and
success for people of all backgrounds and abilities
and a robust ability to
address the needs of
diverse communities
  • Inclusion & integration
  • Culture of support
  • Proliferate of successful efforts
  • Financial aid
  • Monitoring
  • Evaluation & promotion of innovation
  • Assessment of differential access & impact
  • Universal access
  • Prioritize student demographics and success
  • Build human capacity for enrollment
4: University
Climate and
Sense of Community

A climate of inclusion,
collaboration, and care that appreciates and seeks
diversity as a source of enrichment and strength,
and is rooted in justice, civility, and respect

  • Dialogue
  • Linkages
  • Sense of belonging
  • Recognition, assessment, and improvement
  • Prioritize a culture of success
  • Develop ability for dialogue
  • Support and validate people doing the work

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