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SMILE conducts a year-long schedule of activities designed to provide hands-on science and math experience, strengthen student knowledge and raise student academic and career aspirations via after school clubs, college connection events and a summer bridge program for SMILE graduates attending OSU.

OSU Diversity Events


Coffee Hour

A catered event to bridge the gap between OSU international and domestic students through games and discussion.  …

Cultural Heritage

A cultural show and tell about global issues today. …

Religion, Gender, and the Body

  The sixth event in this year's Ideas Matter series on Healings and Hurtings will be two presentations and a discussion on Religion, Gender, and the Body.


Another Politics with Chris Dixon

Amidst war, economic meltdown, and ecological crisis, a "new spirit of radicalism is blooming" from New York to Cairo, according to Chris Dixon. In Another Politics, he examines the trajectory…

Approaches to Disability: Redemptionism, Rejectionism, and Historicism

Since the 1990s, biblical scholars have produced a large corpus of work on disabilities in biblical literature. This lecture will present three approaches from that scholarship: 1) a


"NO DUMB QUESTIONS" video & facilitated conversation

A lighthearted and poignant documentary profiles three sisters, ages 6, 9 and 11, struggling to understand why and how their Uncle Bill is becoming a woman. 


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