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The President’s Board of Visitors for Community and Diversity
Established in 1986


The purpose of the Board of Visitors for Community and Diversity is to assist Oregon State University in developing strategies to recruit and retain Native American, Hispanic American, Asian American, and African American students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

Goals and Objectives:

  1. To obtain and analyze information that will clarify the challenges facing Oregon State University in the area of recruitment and retention of persons of color as students, faculty, and, staff.

  2. To recommend to the President of the University strategies for attracting and retaining students, faculty, and staff from the ethnic/racial communities.

  3. To serve as a liaison between the University and the Native American, Asian American, Hispanic American, and African American communities.

(BOV Bylaws 06/09)

Board of Visitors Bios (2013-2014)

Tim Hall (co-chair)

Tim Hall has served more than 34 years in public affairs, advising energy and health care corporations, and local government.  He is the Manager of Public Information and Involvement for the City of Portland Water Bureau, Oregon’s largest water provider.  Tim is a member of the International Association of Public Participation, American Water Works Association, and the National Forum of Black Public Administrators.  He also serves as board chair for the nonprofit Groundwork Portland, an organization that turns brownfields into community green space.  Tim is a graduate of OSU, has served on the President’s Board of Visitors since 1996, and as a student advocated for the establishment of the OSU Lonnie B. Harris Cultural Center.

Tim Hall 

Jane Waite (co-chair)

Jane is passionate about social justice and equity, especially in the education arena, and has been a consultant, trainer and presenter on these topics since 2002. Currently, Jane holds the position of Equity and Diversity Specialist at Lane Education Service District in Eugene, Oregon.  She is the only educational equity specialist outside of a school district in Oregon and is often involved in projects at the state level.  In 2009, she co-wrote the manual to assist the state’s K-12 school districts on the new federal requirement changes for the collection and reporting of race and ethnicity data, and provided implementation professional development to district administration throughout Oregon.  Jane guest teaches at both the UO Teach Program and the Teacher Training Program at Pacific University and is a member of the College Of Education and Counseling Consortium at Northwest Christian University and the Oregon State University Board of Visitors. System change through policy development and community building are at the heart of her professional interests. When not engaged as a professional change agent, Jane enjoys spending time with her children and exploring the natural world.

Jane Waite 

Geoffrey Brooks - OSU '73

Geoffrey N. Brooks is a retired teacher & educator from Portland Public Schools with 35 years of experience. He holds a B.S.: Elementary Ed., Oregon State University, 1973 and an M. A. T.: Liberal Studies, Lewis & Clark, 1994.  Mr. Brooks has taught at every level from elementary school through college.  Geoffrey Brooks has taught many subjects including: Civics, Government, Economics, Multiculturalism, US History & African-American History, Geography, Political Science and University Level Teacher Education, Computer Science, Introduction to Teacher Education and African-American History for Teachers.  During his years as a teacher, Mr. Brooks has been the subject of articles and books on educating African-American children.  

Geoffrey Brooks is dedicated to the 'appropriate' cultural education of 'ALL' students and Americans.  I believe that ‘ALL’ children deserve the best possible public education.  Public education is the foundation of American society.  Public schools are where America educates its citizens and creates its talent pool.  I will always be committed to public education.  Teaching and education is a human developmental process.  The work product or end product through public education is not always immediately apparent.  We live in a fast paced and technological world, but a public education of value is still needed.  Many public schools are finding it difficult to teach ‘ALL’ children equitably.  Much of my professional experience has centered on bringing equity to students, staffs and families.  We must continue to work on bringing quality, equity and reasonable high expectations to public education clients.

Currently, Mr. Brooks serves as Vice-President of World Arts Foundation, Inc. and is the Security Manager for the Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration in Portland, Oregon. Also, Geoffrey Brooks is President of "We Reign" - a non-profit assisting High school students apply and obtain scholarships for college; and a Board member of Portland Reading Foundation, Inc.  His true joy is being a grandparent.

Geoffrey Brooks 

Lee Po Cha


Larry Griggs - OSU '78

Larry was raised in the states of Alabama, Florida, and Washington.  In 1970 he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, and minored in Psychology at Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) in Parkland, Washington.  He continued at PLU receiving his Masters of Arts degree in Student Personnel Work in Higher Education.  While at PLU, Larry was the Director of Minority Affairs.

After receiving his Masters degree, Larry continued his education at Oregon State University (OSU).  He held assistantships with the Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) and the Memorial Union.  In 1974, he became an Instructor and Counselor for EOP.  In 1976, he became the Coordinator of Admissions and Financial Aid for the program.  From 1978 to 1986, he was the Assistant Director of EOP.  From 1986 to 1987, he was the Acting Director of the Affirmative Action Office.  In 1987, he became the Director of the EOP and served in that capacity until retirement February 2008.

Larry has been instrumental in advising mentoring students in helping them meet their goals.  Larry has reached out to the Corvallis community by working on search committees for the City and coaching at the Boys and Girls Club.  He continues to be actively involved with cultural awareness and the education needs on the Oregon State University campus and within the community.

His most recent awards include the First Annual Caesar Chavez Community Commitment Award; Outstanding Administrator of the Year in Multicultural Education; Dedicated Service Award to Migrant Students’ Education; Oregon Civil Liberties Award; Victor Brookes Standard of Commitment Award; the Portland Trailblazers and Portland African American Community Recognition; Phyllis Lee Award; and the OSU Beaver Champion Award.

Larry Griggs 

Vicki Guinn - OSU '85


John Haroldson


Joyce Harris


Norman Monroe


Sonny Tan - OSU '83


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