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Every employee that wears a respirator on the job, whether required to wear one or not, shall have it properly fitted prior to initial use and at all times while performing an operation in a hazardous atmosphere. No employee shall use or be assigned to a task that requires the use of a respirator until it has been determined that the employee is physically able to perform under such conditions.

This process begins with the completion of a cover page AND a medical questionnaire available by printing both forms. This questionnaire has been developed in accordance with OR-OSHA regulations. The employee returns the questionnaire directly to Occupational Medicine. A physical will be conducted for those employees who indicate potential medical problems on the medical questionnaire. After review by the Occupational Medicine Clinician, Environmental Health & Safety is notified of the employee's physical ability to wear a respirator. Periodically, a review of the employee's health status must be made, at the frequency specified by the Occupational Medicine Clinician, by completing and submitting another questionnaire.



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