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Call for U-Engage Course Proposals

The U-Engage Advisory Group solicits applications from faculty and professional staff to serve as instructors for the approximately 35 sections of the U-Engage first year student transition/orientation course to be offered each Fall term. U-Engage sections are two-credit, A-F graded, interactive classes of approximately 25 first year students. 

U-Engage instructors design their classes around a real-world problem or compelling question in their area of expertise, research or passion. Our U-Engage shared learning outcomes (see below) and assignments are used across all course sections and should help guide your course design.

U-Engage Learning Outcomes

Read the learning outcomes and the philosophy behind them. Reviewing them will be highly beneficial when it comes to completing your course proposal.

Information Sessions

Information Sessions introduce and clarify the structure of U-Engage, the students we serve, the learning outcomes and the application process. They are not required, but highly recommended, particularly for instructors who are new to U-Engage.

Responsiblities of U-Engage Instructors and Professional Development Funds Awarded

Instructor responsiblities include attendance at a REQUIRED training for all instructors as well as other committments in the Spring and Fall terms. Please review these responsiblities as well as the services and support offered by New Student Programs and Family Outreach before you apply.

The U-Engage program provides $2000 in professional development funds for teaching one section of U-Engage. Funds will be transferred directly to the departmental index provided by the instructor during the application process. Instructors should check with their own departments about policies/practices related to the use of professional development funds prior to committing to teach a U-Engage section.

Online Application

Course applications will be made available in late January and are typically due at the beginning of March. Check back here for a link to the application.

Feel free to preview the Course Proposal questions from last year to get a feel for the application.


Please contact Ruth Sterner if you have any questions about the U-Engage program or proposal application

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