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Spring Term Orientation Math Placement

This information is only applicable to students new to OSU for spring term 2013.  Please read the following information carefully before taking the Math Placement Test.

For information on the historical correlation between math placement tests, SAT scores and math success rates, see: http://www.math.oregonstate.edu/mlc_placement

General instructions

New students who have not successfully completed college level math will be required to take the Math Placement Test before meeting with an advisor at orientation. College level math is defined as Math 111 (or equivalent) and above. If your college level math was taken more than 2 years ago, please contact your college directly to determine if you will need to take the Math Placement Test.

The Math Placement Test is designed to assist academic advisors in placing you in the appropriate level of math given your current skill level. Therefore an accurate score on the Math Placement Test is vital in order to provide you with a correct placement.  To achieve the most accurate score if you don't know the answer simply skip that question and move on to the next. 

To Access the Test you will need the following:

  • Student ID Number (931......)
  • GAP Number: this was originally your 6 digit birthday (mm/dd/yy), unless you changed it.** 
  • Access Code: 30newstart01
  • Math Placement Test

**If you don't know your GAP:

  • If you have forgotten your GAP, return to Online Services, enter your OSU ID#, choose Forgot GAP, answer your security question, reset your GAP, return to ONID, and use your new GAP to reset your password.
  • If you are unable to answer the security question and reset your GAP you will need assistance. Students should contact the Office of the Registrar, 541-737-4331; faculty/staff/associates should contact the OSU Computer Helpdesk, 541-737-3474.

If you feel you did not do well on the test and should be placed at a higher level, you will have the opportunity to speak about your placement with an academic advisor at your START session.


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