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Meet your 2013 START Leaders

START Leaders are current OSU students who will be greeting you when you arrive at your START session, helping you get acquainted with campus resources and meet other new students, explaining important OSU policies and academic expectations, and assisting you throughout your time at START.

Our START Leaders are extemely excited to get the summer started, but in the meantime, we'll be introducing you to a few of them every couple of weeks until START sessions begin!

Joseph BuccafurniJoseph Buccafurni

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: Junior     Hometown: West Linn, OR

What he remembers most about START: “I remember the team building activities and Dixon Rec Night. As incoming freshmen it’s a really nice way to end a long day. Even though rec night is optional, I highly recommend that all students experience this! There are all sorts of fun activities to try out.”

Kristin Gollofan

Kristin Gollofon

Major: Athletic Training

Year: Senior      Hometown: Woodinville, WA

Favorite experience at OSU: “Family Weekends. After being away from home it's nice to see your family and be able to show them around Corvallis and what you've been up to at OSU. It's also fun to meet other people's parents, it gives you an idea of where they came from and why they are the way they are.”

Joe TaylorJoe Taylor

Major: Natural Resources

Year: Senior     Hometown: Portland, OR

Involvement: “I have been involved with Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU) and the Government affairs team. I also spin music as a DJ for KBVR, our campus radio station, act as a conversant partner with the International Living Learning Center (ILLC), am a member of the Flow Club, Mortar Board Society, the Geo Club and Team Liberation which aids in student leader facilitation training.”

Sadie TempelSadie Tempel

Major: Human Development & Family Sciences with an emphasis in Child Development, Elementary Education

Year: Junior     Hometown: Scio, OR

On why she chose her major: “Leadership, education, and influencing children are my biggest passions and combining them together in a way that allows me to influence children for years to come is more worth it than I could ever imagine.”


Becca DrydenBecca Dryden

Major: Speech Communications with a minor in Anthropology

Year: Senior     Hometown: Jefferson, OR

Advice for your first year: “Don’t allow who you think you are to dictate what you think you can do. Oregon State has countless opportunities to meet new people, to try new things and to redefine yourself as an individual. Take advantage of these opportunities and the welcoming community of OSU by stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new!”

Sean WallstromSean Wallstrom

Major: Civil Engineering

Year: Senior     Hometown: Mission Viejo, CA

Involvement: “I am involved in Air Force ROTC, the Society of American Military Engineers, and have worked as a driver for our on-campus safety shuttle services called Saferide.”

What I remember most about START: “The best thing I remember about START is Dixon Rec Night. The amount of free food and fun is insane!”

Nick BicakNick Bicak

Major:  Forestry Management

Year: Senior      Hometown: Oak Park, IL

Advice for your first year: “Make sure to go to every class because it will set you up for success for the rest of school. I’d also recommend developing a good mix of study habits for your classes and to make sure to get involved in extracurricular activities to help you unwind.”

Carmen Lopez

Carmen Lopez

Major: Human Development & Family Sciences

Year: Senior      Hometown: The Dalles, OR

Favorite experience at OSU: “The After Dark at Dixon held every term because you get to stay up late, do activities, and meet new people.”

Advice for your first term: “Join study groups to keep your grades up and learn time-management to organize your other events and social gatherings.”

Carl BerensonCarl Berenson

Major: Business Information Systems, Finance

Year: Senior      Hometown: Richmond Beach, WA

Advice for parents: “Don’t worry! Trust that you have raised your kid well and have provided them with the correct set of skills to succeed.”

Involvement: “I am involved in Greek Life here on campus and really enjoy taking advantage of Dixon Recreation Center and the student tickets for Beaver football games. The on campus gameday experience at OSU is like no other!”

Daniel DeuelDaniel Deuel

Major:  Public Health with and option in Health Promotion & Behavior

Year: Senior     Hometown: Rockaway Beach, OR

Favorite experience at OSU: “My favorite experience at Oregon State is the sporting events. I am a huge sports fan and I try to attend all of the home games for football and basketball if possible. The atmosphere at the games is amazing and there is no better way to show school spirit.”

Jeannie SullivanJeannie Sullivan

Major: Fisheries and Wildlife Science

Year: Sophomore    Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Involvement: “I’m a member of the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP), am in charge of risk management for the OSU Ballroom Club, act as the Activities Coordinator for my resident hall council, am a member of Students Today Leaders Forever and participate in our university’s Glee Choir. I am also currently involved in the formation of the Council for Advancement of Minorities in Science (CAMS) group on campus.”

Simon ChiuSimon Chiu

Major:  Mathematics

Year: Junior     Hometown: Hong Kong

Advice for your first year: “Make new friends during your first term here at OSU. These friends will help you have a good start to your college life. Through the year, make sure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle; it will provide you with energy and wisdom to overcome difficult schoolwork.”

Involvement: “I am involved in the OSU 2013 Spring Fashion Show as a model.”

Nick Davis Nick Davis

Major: Psychology

Year: Senior      Hometown: Eugene, OR

Advice for your first year: “Know when to work and when to have fun! Just make sure that you don’t overload yourself on either.”

Involvement: “I’m currently involved in a research lab with the Psychology department as a research assistant and I act as the Oregon State campus representative for Muscle Milk.”

Erika Bellingham

Erika Bellingham

Major:  History

Year: Junior       Hometown: Beaverton, OR

Advice for success during your first year: “Professors give you syllabi to help keep you on track. By using these, you should be able to stay on time or even ahead of schedule. This will help to make classes seem much less intimidating and much more manageable.”


Callie Forest

Callie Forrest

Major: Human Development & Family Science with an option in Human Services

Year: Senior         Hometown: Fortuna, CA

On why she chose her major: “I started out in the University Exploratory Studies Program and found my way to HDFS because I knew I wanted to be in some sort of "helping people" career and this major is perfect for that.”



Drew GomezDrew Gomez

Major:  Business Management

Year: Senior      Hometown: Portland, OR

Advice to parents: “Relax. Trust the values that you have instilled in your kids. There will always be those "let loose" times but in the end, students want familiarity and a home. It’s amazing how many of my friends would rather come over for a home cooked meal from my wife than go out to a crazy party.”

Grace JuddGrace Judd

Major: Biochemistry & Biophysics

Year: Senior     Hometown: Portland, OR

Advice for Parents: “My advice for parents is to offer support to their child by just listening. When some students encounter a problem in their first term, parents want to take charge but it's important that the student becomes familiar with the university's resources.”



Amanda Neelands

Amanda Neelands

Major: Public Health

Year: Senior       Hometown: Portland, OR

Favorite experience at OSU: “I love all the concerts and events in the quad during spring term like Battle of the Bands and the Flat Tail Music Festival that the Memorial Union Program Council plans each year.”

 Advice for your first year: “Meet with an advisor at least once each term during your first year to make sure you are on track."

Owen Le SesneOwen Le Sesne

Major: Political Science                   Year: Junior

Hometown: Everett, WA

Advice for parents: “Be there to support your children, but don't smother them. Give your student a chance to grow and make mistakes, because that is what helps them adjust to what the real world will be like. If they call you for help, try to be understanding and not judgmental or picky; students tend to disregard you if they feel that you're telling them that everything they're doing is wrong.”

Matthew Perez

Matt Perez

Major: Mathematical Economics                Year: Junior

Hometown: Portland, OR

Advice for your first term: “Form study groups with others in your residence halls. You're all going into the college experience for the first time together, and it's a great way to build bonds and form lifelong friendships.”


Lucia HadellaLucia Hadella

Major: Natural Resources, International Degree Program,Honors College

Year: Sophomore                  Hometown: Talent, OR

What I remember most from START: “I remember being amazed at how many nice people I met in the course of two days. Some of the students I got to know at START are still my friends today. Everyone was welcoming and helpful.”



Kevin CoffeyKevin Coffey

Major:  Civil Engineering         Year: Junior

Hometown: Beaverton, OR

Advice for your first term: “Meet as many people as you can as soon as possible. During connect week, stop at every open door in your residence hall wing and introduce yourself to the people inside. Also, introduce yourself to the people you sit next to in every class for the first week. This will help you form study groups when midterms and finals come around.”


Cassidy Mutz-McCayCassidy Mutz-McCay

Major: Interior Design           Year: Senior

Hometown: Beaverton, OR

Advice for parents: “Show your college student some love but let them find who they want to be. It may be scary for them to be leaving home but in the end it will open many doors for your son or daughter.”



Emily Zellner-Gisler Emily Zellner-Gisler

 Major: Speech Communication, Option in Theater Arts

 Year: Sophomore

 Hometown: Woodburn, OR

 On how she chose her major: “Theater is my passion and has been ever since I can remember. I love being a part of the small group of art lovers at OSU and being able to be a part of all aspects of the theater without any major competition or stigma.”


Sam ReedSam Reed

Major: Economics            Year: Junior

Hometown: Bothell, WA

Favorite experience at OSU: “My favorite experience here at OSU was living in my residence hall. I thought it was a challenge but also a rite of passage. Without residence hall life I wouldn't have met any of the wonderful people I now have in my life. And I'm pleased that it is now required because I think it is something everyone should experience.”

Nic Nolan

Nic Nolan

Major: Philosophy          Year: Senior

Hometown: Hillsboro, OR

Advice for your first term: “Create a calendar of when all your major projects and papers are due to stay organized.”

Involvement: “I was involved with ASOSU as an intern my first year. I'm currently a member of a Fraternity and the Student Incidental Fee Committee (SIFC). Lastly, I was a U-Engage Peer Leader last fall, and I'll be one again this coming fall.”

Malorie ReimerMalorie

Major: Environmental Economics and Policy

Year: Junior

Hometown: Calgary, Canada – Clackamas, OR

Favorite experience at OSU: “I would tell a new student about planning ahead for studying/interning abroad because of how it impacted my college career and life immensely. This helped me learn more about myself and where I want to end up after college.”



Virginia Tat

Major: Pre-Business                         Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Salem, OR

Advice for your first year: “Go to your professor's office hours, or email them if you have questions, they are happy to help! See your advisor early and figure out what classes you want to take for the next term, and attend OSU sponsored events, those can be a great place to meet people and have fun.”

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