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Network Services

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Network Services is made up of the following teams: Operations, Engineering, Systems, Infrastructure, MCS and iNOC. Together these teams provide communications services and support to all OSU sites, to the Oregon University System (OUS) and its members, as well as to other state agencies.

Operations (Telecommunications)
Operations supports the OSU PBX and Modular Messaging systems, in addition to PBXs at other OSU sites (Extension offices, OSU Cascades, and Hatfield Marine Science Center). The Operations team supports analog and digital phones, Voice over IP, and Blackberry connectivity. They manage campus directory information and provide operator services. They also manage both data centers in the Kerr Administration building. An additional, redundant core data center is currently in the design phase.

Engineering (NOC)
Engineering designs and manages the core network equipment including routers, switches, firewalls, encrypted tunnels (VPN) and remote site connectivity. They support all aspects of the OSU Wireless network. The team also provides up/down monitoring, network and system performance monitoring, and utilization graphing. Engineering manages OSU's IP allocation, including IPv4 and IPv6. They provide tier 3 support to departmental IT staff at OSU.

Systems (ITConsult, Security)
The Systems team designs and manages servers, software and appliances that provide core network services such as mail relay, Exchange mailbox hosting, Active Directory infrastructure, DNS, DHCP, Web Proxy, spam and anti-virus blocking, MS SQL database hosting, server backups, and Virtual server hosting. They are responsible for network security enforcement, auditing and analysis, including firewall policy, VPN support, network access control, scanning, intrusion detection, malware detection, and network abuse/incident response. They provide tier 3 support to departmental IT staff at OSU.

Infrastructure (Flexnet)
Infrastructure manages the copper and fiber cable plants for all of campus. They provide network connectivity and switch management via a service called Flexnet on the OSU main campus and at remote sites such as HMSC, OSU Cascades and Extension locations. The team provides design and construction for network installations, and manages projects that involve coordination with Facilities, Network Services and departmental IT staff. The Infrastructure team manages procurement and inventory for all of Network Services.

iNOC is the network operations center for Oregon University System's InTelCom network. They provide administration, consulting, training, R&D and hosting of common functions like call centers and accounting. They develop and support OSU's work order and inventory systems and communications billing software used throughout OUS.

Managed Communications Services (MCS)
Oregon State University's Managed Communications Services (MCS) provides audio, video and web conferencing & collaboration tools and related managed services. The flagship service offered by MCS is the "MEETME Conferencing Services", which provides centralized state-wide conference bridging, codec fleet management, state-wide E.164 video directory services, site certification and support ticket case management related to these services and transport delivery. As part of Oregon State University's state-wide role, MCS provides its services to the Oregon University System's Chancellor's office, the eight institutions that comprise the OUS, all State agencies, and a growing list of community colleges, county government, healthcare networks and non-profit organizations.