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Oregon State University - Network Engineering - Thawte SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is proof from an independent third party that your website belongs to the organization it says it does, and that your users may securely and safely submit private information there. You should use an ssl certificate to protect any site that handles sensitive data, including login credentials. (See for more information.)

Certificate Authorities

Thawte - Oregon State University has a centralized process set up for requesting SSL certificates for hosts in OSU domains. Most of our certificates are purchased through Thawte, a standard Certificate Authority trusted by all common web browsers. We pre-purchase tokens from Thawte at a discounted bulk price. (See Thawte pricing.)

IPSCA - You may also request an SSL certificate from IPSCA, a certificate authority that provides free 2-year ssl certificates to EDU customers. This is ideal for a system with limited use that you might currently be securing with a self-signed certificate. IPSCA certificates have recently not been working with Mozilla products (unless the certificate is manually installed on the client).

Other Certificate Authorities (e.g. GoDaddy) - You may request an ssl certificate from another CA and the request will typically be forwarded to the WHOIS contact for the domain name of the host. (For most OSU domains, the WHOIS contact is However, we recommend Thawte because they have an excellent track record in terms of client compatibility, security, and support.

Requesting an SSL Certificate

To order a certificate (or renew one) from Thawte, you will need to follow the steps here:
Order or Renew Thawte SSL Certificate

To order a certificate from IPSCA, follow the steps here:
Request IPSCA Certificate

Thawte Pricing

Standard web cert - New/Renewal - 1 Year $142.49
Standard web cert - New/Renewal - 2 Year $284.98
Standard web cert - New/Renewal - 3 Year $427.47
Additional License for Web Cert - 1 Year $142.49
Additional License for Web Cert - 2 Year $284.98
Additional License for Web Cert - 3 Year $427.47
* 128 bit Super cert - New/Renewal - 1 Year $494.99

* Standard web certificates support up to 128 bit encryption. Super-certificates allow 128 bit encryption for older foreign web browsers that do not support it. However, since the US government is now allowing export of software with 128 bit encryption, most web browsers today support it, and a super-certificate is usually not needed.

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