MUPC Director

MUPC Director

The MUPC Director serves as the student lead and support for the Memorial Union Program Council.  The MUPC Director acts as a guide, resource, and motivator for MUPC Event Coordinators and committee members.

Telephone: 541-737-1564

Email: MUPC.Director@oregonstate.edu

Applications for 2014-15 MUPC Director are availabe at the link below or in Memorial Union room 103.


February 3rd

  • Application process opens

February 28th

  • Deadline, applications due by 5 PM with resume and references

March 5th to 10th

  • Frist round interviews

March 11th to 14th

  • Second round interviews

March 18th

  • Hiring letter sent out through email

MUPC Director's Position Discription

MUPC Director's Application Form