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ASOSU Graduate Student Affairs

Students have the power to create positive change at OSU. The ASOSU Graduate Student Affairs Task Force presents graduate students, both domestic and international, with the opportunity to advocate for a more inclusive community at OSU and exists mainly to ensure that graduate students receive an education in a welcoming, wholly accessible learning and living environment. The task force works with the administration, senates, other graduate organizations and the students themselves to ensure that all issues concerning the graduate community are addressed. We also provide support and resources for graduate students in need. What is important to you is important to the Graduate Student Affairs Task Force. Any issues that you feel should be addressed are welcomed to be submitted to the Task Force. Campaigns that the task force is focusing on this year include a Graduate Resource Guide that provides a list of general resources and department specific resources for grad students. We are also working closely with the Coalition of Graduate Employees (CGE) to renegotiate our Graduate Teaching/Research Assistantship Contract. Further, we are in coalition with the Graduate School to gather information regarding graduate education, costs, funding, program quality, mentorship, advisory accessibility and support and many more issues that impact graduate student experience. This task force works for you, on your issues, and functions because of you. You are pivotal to the task force. There are opportunities to either volunteer or intern through ASOSU with a number of different campaigns to focus your efforts towards. To find out more about the Graduate Student Affairs Task Force, volunteering, interning, resources, support or to just check out what campaigns the task force is working on, join the Graduate Student Affairs Task Force, call us at 541-737-4332 or emails us at graduate.affairs@oregonstate.edu. All are welcome to attend!
Address 149 Snell Hall
Phone number 541-737-4332
Email graduate.affairs@oregonstate.edu
Website http://asosu.oregonstate.edu/graduate-affairs

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