Oregon State University


Saferide is a service dedicated to assault prevention, providing education & safe free transportation to OSU students. Saferide is available to all OSU students, faculty, and staff only. Saferide is entirely funded by student fees, a fee paid by every student attending Oregon State. Saferide does not drop off or pick up riders from bars, nor does Saferide take students to parties; we do not service commercial locations. Priority is given to academic and work-related rides. Dispatchers are able to recommend alternative modes of transportation. Saferide reserves the right to refuse service. Saferide does not accommodate inappropriate behavior or requests. Saferide provides rides to groups of two or less. If there are more than two people in a group, Saferide finds that the use of our services would be a transportation issue as opposed to a sexual assault prevention issue. Saferide vehicles only go within posted boundaries, or within 15 minutes in any direction. Our boundaries are set up to allow a ride of 15 minutes to the rider's destination. If a rider needs an exception to this rule, they will need to consult the director during her regular office hours. Please refer to our website for specific boundaries. Saferide drivers should be treated with respect by their passengers. Our drivers are here to help you so courteous behavior is expected. Saferide will not wait more than five minutes past a scheduled pick up. Our drivers are on a tight schedule; extensive waits will cause problems with our schedule. Smoking, eating, and consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in Saferide vehicles.
Address Snell Hall, MU East
Phone number 541-737-5000
Email asosu.saferide@oregonstate.edu
Website http://asosu.oregonstate.edu/saferide

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