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Letter from President Ed Ray

Oregon State University Office of the President
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Welcome to Oregon State University!

Whether you are returning to campus after an absence, attending part time or are new to the university experience, we are proud to have you as a member of our OSU community. Our goal is to create an environment that offers the support and resources to help you succeed academically. This handbook showcases some of those resources.

Along with academic success, we strive to create a healthy environment by promoting healthy life balance goals. We believe that people are more productive and successful when all aspects of their lives are recognized and respected. We work to create a family-friendly environment where school life can be balanced with personal life. When we all work together to create a healthy and balanced community at OSU, we will benefit by creating a great place to learn and work.

One of our university strategic goals is to support a diverse and welcoming environment for all. People are at their best when celebrated and supported by an engaged community. The diversity and breadth of our students have always been strengths of Oregon State. Our community also becomes more vibrant when people are empowered to contribute. We take this responsibility seriously and ask that you join with us in creating the best learning and living experience for you and everyone at OSU. Together we can achieve great things.

As you will quickly observe while at OSU, a consistent theme is our belief that student personal growth benefits from a diversity of experiences and participation in a variety of activities. We invite you to join us in achieving this special sense of community that is distinctive of OSU. In this handbook are some resources that can guide, encourage, and inform you while you are at Oregon State. It is our hope that it will serve as a jumping off point for you; the first step towards understanding the ways you can contribute to and benefit from the academic and student life that is offered at OSU.


signature of the president

Edward J. Ray

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