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About the MRG

The mission of the Multicultural Resource Guide is to provide historically underrepresented students, staff, and faculty a place to obtain information on hard-to-find resources. It is specifically useful for students, staff, and faculty who are new to OSU and looking for a centralized place to find information on services and resources within our community. An example of a commonly reported challenge would be an African-American woman looking for hair care services in Corvallis. Resources within the MRG are not only local services or businesses but also campus resources, such as the UJIMA Education Office, or the OSU Rainbow Continuum.

To submit an additional listing, click the "Submit a listing" button in the navigation area. To provide information to update a current listing visit a listing and click the "Suggest an update" link. To submit an idea, or provide feedback about this project, please contact us via this e-mail.