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Moorea 2013 header image

Jerome has received a grant to go to the island of Moorea in French Polynesia

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A number of the lab's research projects have made headlines in popular media sources such as NBC News

Nutrient enrichment increases coral disease - lab paper in the news header image

High nutrient concentrations cause increased coral disease, but corals recover quickly if water quality is improved.

Australia 2014 header image

Ryan has received a fellowship to work and study in Australia for the summer. Check out his blog or a video filmed there.

Saudi Arabia 2015 header image

Jesse and Ryan traveled to the Saudi Arabian Red Sea to continue work on the Global Coral Microbiome Project.

The lab discovers bacterial pathogens involved with harbor seal deaths

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A major goal of the Global Coral Microbiome Project is to produce educational and entertaining media for the public.

New paper out linking viruses with coral bleaching header image

The lab has published a new paper describing new viruses that are associated with a coral bleaching event in Australia.


The efforts of the entire HERBVRE project team are rewarded with a fascinating publication in Nature Communications.

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