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Does MediaSpace allow me to stream live events?

Media Services can assist with the streaming of your live events. These events can be webcast at http://live.oregonstate.edu/. If you would like more information on streaming a live event, please contact Media Services at 541-737-2121.

Can instructors use MediaSpace media in Blackboard?

Yes. Instructors who have uploaded media to MediaSpace can link to it in Blackboard. Furthermore, by leaving their media unpublished in MediaSpace and simply embedding the media in Blackboard, the instructor can prevent anyone but their assigned students from accessing that specific piece of media.

How does the new MediaSpace impact my previously uploaded "Private" media?

All media previously uploaded and set as "Private" will continue to behave in the same way. That is, the media will not be discoverable by searching MediaSpace or by browsing through the galleries or channels. Only if you link to that media will people be able to access it, with the added caveat that if that link becomes publically accessible, then *anyone* will be able to access it.

Why can't I set my media to "Private" in the new MediaSpace

Defining your media as "Private" in the previous version of MediaSpace was an imperfect way of making your media secret. It allowed you to upload media and make it undiscoverable in MediaSpace while still being able to share a link to it from off the site. But if that link was discovered, then your media would become public to the world.