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Wendel Raymond

Dept. of Biology: Marine Biology
Degree Sought: 
B.S. in Biology, Marine Biology option and Chemistry minor
Research Adviser: 
Dr. Mark Hixon, Dept. of Zoology (2010); Dr. David Duggins and Dr. Megan Dethier (2011)
Research Topic: 
Competition and Predation between Invasive Lionfish and Native Nassau Grouper (2010); Feeding Preferences of Red urchins to fresh and aged kelps and change in phlorotannin concentrations as kelps degrade (2011)


In the summer of 2010, Wendel Raymond worked with Dr. Mark Hixon in the Bahamas on lionfish research. Raymond was funded through Oregon State University's Undergraduate Research, Innovation, Scholarship & Creativity (URISC) Program and presented his project at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) summer research symposium. Raymond also attended the International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC) in Victoria, Canada, last May where he presented a portion of his research in a special lionfish focus group along with a number of Dr. Hixon's graduate students.

Raymond is currently working at Friday Harbor Labs as a National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) fellow. His mentors are Dr. David Duggins and Dr. Megan Dethier, and his project is to identify the feeding preference that Red Sea Urchins have towards fresh and aged/degraded kelps. Raymond is also looking at how phlorotannin concentrations change as kelps degrade, and he will be presenting his results at a symposium at the Friday Harbor Labs this summer.

See Wendel Raymond present at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute summer research symposium.

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