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Tom Calvanese

Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife: Fisheries & Wildlife
Degree Sought: 
M.S. in Fisheries Science
Research Adviser: 
Dr. Scott Heppell, Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife
Research Topic: 
Rockfish Movement & Distribution at Redfish Rocks


Under research adviser Dr. Scott Heppell of the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Tom Calvanese is tracking movement patterns of fish at Redfish Rocks off the shore of Port Orford. Calvanese surgically implants a small acoustic transmitter in each fish, and uses a network of hydrophones, or acoustic receivers to track the movements of six species living there. Redfish Rocks has been designated a no-take marine reserve, and along with an adjacent marine protected area extending three miles to the boundary of the State's Territorial Sea, will be closed on January 1, 2012. By tracking movement patterns of Black, Canary, China, Copper, and Quillback Rockfish, as well as Cabezon, Calvanese hopes to shed light on the amount of protection to be provided to these species important to Oregon’s marine fisheries, and to resolve questions about optimal marine reserve size. His work will also improve our understanding of species-habitat associations, improving our ability to predict which species are likely to be found in various habitats along our coast.

To learn more about the fishtracker project, and find out how you can support research and education at Redfish Rocks, visit Tom Calvanese's website.

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