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Sierra Lewis

Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife: Fisheries & Wildlife
Degree Sought: 
M.S. in Fisheries Science
Research Adviser: 
Dr. David Noakes, Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife
Research Topic: 
Fish passage and potential salmonid habitat usage as predicted by the detection of marine-derived nitrogen above natural waterfalls


As part of Dr. David Noakes' lab, Sierra Lewis is investigating whether marine-derived nitrogen can be used to discern historic salmonid habitat above natural waterfalls in an effort to predict future habitat usage after completion of new fish passage facilities at older hydroelectric dams. By collecting foliar samples from large-diameter Douglas fir trees (approximately 100 - 200 years old), Lewis is targeting known salmonid and non-salmonid streams to establish positive and negative controls. Using these controls, she is comparing them to samples taken from tributaries above natural waterfalls within the same river basin where salmon presence or spawning records are unavailable.

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