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Peter Gaube

Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences: Interdisciplinary Oceanography (Physical and Biological Oceanography)
Degree Sought: 
Ph.D. in Oceanography
Research Adviser: 
Dr. Dudley Chelton, Physical Oceanography & Dr. Pete Strutton
Research Topic: 
Bio/physical interaction in nonlinear mesoscale ocean eddies


Peter Gaube's background is in macroecology, with a focus on studying large scale patterns and processes in marine ecosystems. The investigation of large-scale variability in the ocean necessitates an understanding of the dynamics of ocean currents. Gaube's research at Oregon State University is interdisciplinary in nature, attempting to characterize and understand the biological response to horizontal and vertical fluxes in the open ocean. His interests include the integration of numerous satellite observations with autonomous, in-situ observations (ARGO floats, gliders, etc.) to investigate bio/physical interaction in the World Ocean. Currently, Gaube's work investigates the influence of nonlinear mesoscale ocean eddies on primary production. In an attempt to understand and describe why eddies originating in different regions have differing effects on marine ecosystems, Gaube and his advisors are using observations from a series of polar orbiting satellites in conjunction with autonomous float profiles to investigate areas where a robust relationship exists between the surface expression of mesoscale eddies and primary production. Utilizing an automated eddy tracking procedure developed by his adviser Dr.Dudley Chelton which identifies and tracks ocean eddies, Gaube tests which of the many mechanisms by which eddies influence marine ecosystems appear to control the biological response in the cores of eddies in a particular region. The observations compiled in his Ph.D work will provide a baseline for the assessment of global, coupled bio/physical numerical models in reproducing the effect of mesoscale eddies on marine ecosystems.

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