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John McClung

Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife: Fisheries & Wildlife
Degree Sought: 
B.S. in Fisheries & Wildlife Science; B.S. in Biology, Marine Biology option
Research Adviser: 
Dr. Scott Baker, Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife
Research Topic: 
Whales of Polynesia


John McClung is working as an intern in the Cetacean Conservation and Genetics Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Scott Baker and Renee Albertson. His project involves comparing individual identification photographs of humpback whales collected by Dr. Michael Poole in French Polynesia to a large catalog maintained by the South Pacific Whale Research Consortium (SPWRC). The results of the matching will be used to update population abundance estimates for humpback whales wintering in French Polynesia and to examine the interchange of humpback whales within the French Polynesian archipelagos. This information will be reported to the International Whaling Commission and the French Polynesian Ministry of the Environment. In addition, McClung is assisting the SPWRC by inputting fluke photographs from French Polynesia into Fluke Matcher, a computer software package specifically developed to increase the speed and efficiency of the photo-identification of humpback whales.

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