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Jeff Beeson

Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences: Marine Geology & Geophysics
Degree Sought: 
M.S. in Marine Geology & Geophysics
Research Adviser: 
Dr. Chris Goldfinger, Marine Geology & Geophysics
Research Topic: 
Investigation of the offshore section of the San Andreas Fault north of San Francisco


As part of the Active Tectonics and Seafloor Mapping Lab (ATSML), Jeff Beeson has been part of a wide range of scientific investigations ranging from the study of earthquake histories on the Sumatra and Cascadia subduction zones to analysis of the structural geology on the Northern San Andreas fault (NSAF). Jeff’s primary project involves the use of bathymetric and seismic reflection data (collected during a 2010 research cruise) to study a section of the NSAF and its interaction with the Mendocino Triple Junction and Cascadia subduction zones. The data being used was collected by both the ATSML and the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Jeff feels that the great seismic hazard both the San Andreas and Cascadia subduction zones pose to California and Oregon warrants a better understanding of the mechanics underlying the NSAF's interactions with these other fault systems.

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