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Oregon State University, a land, sea, space, and sun grant insititution near the Oregon coast, brings together a wealth of educational, research and public outreach programs in marine science. Here you will find a world-class oceanographic institute, the world's largest wave tank, a coastal marine science center, and a wide range of marine programs, research facilities, and collaborative education programs that cross departments to study the Earth as a system.

Marine Science News from OSU

OSU News Release

Scientists successfully use krypton to accurately date ancient Antarctic ice

Apr 21, 2014
Scientists have successfully identified the age of 120,000-year-old Antarctic ice using krypton dating – a new technique that may allow them to locate ice more than a million years old.… Read full story.
OSU News Release

OSU names Lubchenco adviser for marine sciences

Apr 17, 2014
Former NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco is back on the faculty of Oregon State where she has a new role – adviser to the university on marine studies issues.… Read full story.

Marine Science Day: An opportunity to explore behind-the-scenes

Apr 2, 2014
OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center will host its popular Marine Science Day on Saturday, April 12, offering the opportunity to meet scientists working at the research facility, take tours and explore the exhibits.… Read full story.

NOAA planning leader to direct Oregon Sea Grant program

Mar 21, 2014
Shelby Walker, a marine scientist and administrative leader with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has been named director of the Oregon Sea Grant College Program.… Read full story.

Marine Science Events


Octopus Feeding

Come watch our giant Pacific octopus being fed!  Each feeding is accompanied by a 20 min. long discussion about octopus natural history, which includes access to preserved octopus biofacts.…

Cheryl Harrison, Postdoctoral Researcher, OSU College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Coherent structures and larval dispersal in the California Current system

CEOAS - Student Defense - Ms. Jennifer Veilleux

Ph.D., Geography
Advisor: Dr. Aaron Wolf

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