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Fabian Gomez Romero

Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences: Biological Oceanography
Degree Sought: 
Ph.D. in Biological Oceanography
Research Adviser: 
Dr. Hal Batchelder, Biological Oceanography
Research Topic: 
Coupled biological-physical processes on coastal upwelling ecosystems; fisheries oceanography


Fabian Gomez Romero, a Chilean graduate student working under Dr. Hal Batchelder, has just finished the first year of his Ph.D. project. Gomez Romero's primary focus will be on coupled biological-physical processes on the shelf of central to southern Chile in the Humboldt Current. His goal is to better understand the factors that cause interannual variability in the transport, retention and survival of pelagic fish from the egg to the recruited juvenile stage, as well as the factors driving plankton productivity.

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