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Danielle Asson

Dept. of Biology: Marine Biology
Degree Sought: 
B.S. in Biology, Marine Biology option
Research Adviser: 
Dr. John Chapman & Dr. Brett Dumbauld, Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife
Research Topic: 
Life history characteristics of the American Blue Mud Shrimp, Upogebia pugettensis, and its parasite Orthione griffenis


During the summer of 2010, Danielle Asson collected over 2,000 mud shrimp from various locations along the Oregon Coast. Asson used a corer to collect approximately 75 specimens from several different sites within a number of estuaries. The specimens were then taken back to the lab where they were sexed, measured for size, and examined for parasite infestation. Asson used the information collected in the lab to decipher patterns among these variables.

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