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AnnaRose Adams

BioResource Research Program: BioResource Research
Degree Sought: 
Honors B.S. in BioResource Research, Sustainable Ecosystems option
Research Adviser: 
Dr. Mark Hixon, Dept. of Zoology
Research Topic: 
Community ecology; Reef fish response to algal overgrowth of coral


In the fall of 2010, AnnaRose Adams traveled to the Caribbean island of Bonaire to collect data for her undergraduate thesis. Her research examined a new marine plant called Ramicrusta and what happened to fish when Ramicrusta grew over corals. Fish often rely upon coral for habitat, and prior research has shown that when corals are overgrown by marine plants, the fish community can be negatively affected. Adams investigated to see if this relationship was true in Bonaire in areas where Ramicrusta was dominant on the reefs. The results indicated that fish may not be negatively affected by the presence of Ramicrusta in the short term, but may be harmed in the long term if Ramicrusta causes corals to die and erode.

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