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Alex Hirota

Dept. of Biology: Marine Biology
Degree Sought: 
B.S. in Biology, Marine Biology option
Research Adviser: 
Dr. William Hanshumaker, Sea Grant Extension Marine Public Education Specialist
Research Topic: 
Wave-energy devices


Under the supervision of Dr. Hanshumaker, Alex Hirota studied various wave-energy devices while working as an intern at the Hatfield Science Center Visitor Center. Hirota assembled a list of current wave-energy devices in the form of a handout and a poster for the Visitor Center. This information is intended to educate the public about the current and future status of wave energy on the Oregon coast. He also designed a conceptual image for a future Visitor Center exhibit. The exhibit will be hands-on and will highlight three major coastal topics that are relevant to the Oregon coast: wave-energy devices, erosion, and tidal waves.

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