Oregon State University

Feature Stories

Oct 10, 2005

An OSU scientist's trip to the coast inspired a new adhesive that may revolutionize the wood products industry.

Sep 10, 2005

OSU's Education Double Degree is allowing Evan Johnson to take advantage of his love for computers and for teaching.

Sep 09, 2005

Pua McBride became involved in OSU's Residence Hall Association to keep busy and to try to help other Hawaiian students adjust.

Aug 09, 2005

As OSU scientists make new discoveries and provide improved products for the world, the Radiation Center often plays an important role.

Aug 09, 2005

As an OSU undergraduate, Nick Ehlers has been involved in research projects in Panama, the Bahamas, and Newport, Oregon.

Aug 09, 2005

An OSU-based team hopes to send a self-guiding driverless vehicle over a rugged desert course for the challenge--and a shot at $2 million.

Jul 09, 2005

Kenneth Lowe chose singing over blocking to help pay his way through college.

Jul 09, 2005

Katie Briggs devotes her Friday evenings to playing with and helping children who have special needs.

Jul 09, 2005

Tom Weeks' signs have been on the Oregon coast for years. Now they've gone international.

Jun 09, 2005

A team consisting of OSU students and others is testing a propulsion system that could cut the time needed for a human flight to Mars.