Oregon State University

Feature Stories

Apr 04, 2008

Robbie Lamb's international work with sustainable fisheries has earned him a Fulbright grant.

Mar 05, 2008

The U.S. Postal Service Honors Linus Pauling.

Mar 05, 2008

Terry Christensen, with the help of his guide dog, Dutton, is earning a Ph.D.

Feb 05, 2008

The Story of Linus and Ava Helen Pauling

Jan 20, 2008

Beavers cap memorable football season with bowl victory.

Jan 05, 2008

Chris Higgins' life-sized bridge research provides vital insights.

Dec 16, 2007

OSU student teachers in Portland and Salem immerse themselves in the communities where they teach.

Dec 16, 2007

Dawn Wright earns national recognition for her inspirational work in the classroom.

Nov 16, 2007

Alexis Walker explores why women care for family members before they care for themselves.

Nov 16, 2007

The robots compiled by OSU’s nascent electrical engineers help students learn hands-on skills, exercise their creative muse and forge bonds with fellow TekBotters.