Oregon State University

Feature Stories

Sep 01, 2010

Oregon State alum Bob Johnson never imagined he’d be in the film industry.

Aug 26, 2010

Oregon State has a long tradition of providing its students with an excellent education.

Aug 16, 2010

Ecologist Matt Betts seeks clues to forest biodiversity.

Aug 16, 2010

Tyler Barns landed an internship with Oregon Explorer through the Professional Science Master's program.

Aug 13, 2010

For Callum Reed, part of the experience of attending the International Baccalaureate Student World Conference at Oregon State was getting here.

Aug 10, 2010

Art professor Shelley Jordon's short film, "Family History," recently appeared on OPB.

Jul 30, 2010

What changes at a family-run Napa vineyard…and what stays the same.

Jul 19, 2010

Grad student Matt Chin went from an internship to a full-time job in nanoelectronics.

Jul 16, 2010

Urban forester Paul Ries is dedicated to educating people about trees' value

Jul 09, 2010

OSU undergraduate Marsha Lampi was accepted into a summer biomedical program in Switzerland.